Dana White claims there are chances that Hasbulla will perform in the UFC!

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Dana White claims there are chances that Hasbulla will perform in the UFC!

Hasbulla Magomedov has been a big internet sensation in recent months. The 18-year-old from Makhachkala has gained millions of fans with his videos on TikTok and Instagram and is especially popular in the MMA community. Last weekend, a guy suffering from dwarfism (dwarf growth) was a guest at a UFC event in Abu Dhabi and attracted a lot of interest from those gathered.

Islam Makhachev, who performed at the event, has known Hasbulla for many years and was one of the main reasons for his arrival. Hasbulla had the opportunity to watch live his friend in action, and Islam did the job, dominating Dan Hooker in the first round.

This popular Russian caused Dana White's interest who had a good time with him. ‘‘ I’ll tell you something. So the video he sent me saying ‘Dana White, I’m coming to Abu Dhabi and the UFC’, when I posted it with my response from the plane, it was the biggest post I posted.

I have 6.7 million followers on Instagram, and 6.4 million people have watched that video. Isn’t that crazy? ’’ White said in an interview with Bar Stool Sports. By the way, Hasbulla is known for his "rivalry" with Abdu Rozik, another young man of dwarf stature, but Abdu Rozik comes from Tajikistan.

Dana White response

The videos in which Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik argue and try to physically clash quickly went viral. We also had the opportunity to see one such situation at a UFC event in Abu Dhabi There are many comments in which fans tell Dana White to arrange this match, and the initial "promoter" of the match between Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik, Asxab Tamaev shared via Instagram an alleged correspondence with Dana White in which the UFC president shows interest in organizing the match.

In an interview with Bar Stool Sports, White referred to the potential chances that Hasbulla would one day perform under the auspices of the UFC. ‘‘ I love that guy. Is there a more than zero percent chance of him fighting in the UFC? Yes.'

' We hope and believe that White is not serious about it, but is just playing with the imagination of Hasbulla fans. Although, in any case, it would be an interesting match and it is certain that such a match would be a promotion of the UFC in a positive way.

Hasbulla is currently one of the most popular people on the internet, which is a sign that he is very interesting to people