Colby Covington calls out many fighters

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Colby Covington calls out many fighters

The UFC’s welterweight belt challenger, held last night’s press conference in his own style. Colby Covington hasn’t been particularly loud in recent weeks as he normally would before his matches, but he seems to be making up for it all in the week before the fight.

You had the opportunity to read yesterday about the new nickname of Khamzat Chimaev, which was given to him by Covington, but "Chaos" also touched a number of other fighters. Of course his opponent Kamaru Usman is also one of them.

‘‘ Marty Fakenewsman fought lightweight fighters. He didn’t fight the welters as I did. He had matches against a guy who is a ‘journeyman’ with a media ‘hype’ behind him." "I’m talking about ‘Street Judas’ Masvidal.

The guy has a double-digit defeat, losing almost 20 times (Jorge Masvidal lost 15 times, op.a.). Usman became a pound-for-pound best fighter by knockout against such a guy? I’ve been doing this for the last 15 years."

"I beat Masvidal, I would knock him out for free every night in our living room, while we lived together. There’s no guy on the UFC roster that ‘Street Judas’ can beat right now." "The guy is over.

I watched his discipline for years as we trained. He’s nothing, he doesn’t have any skills. ’’ Covington began. Although Usman played three matches after the win against Covington and delighted in at least two (a rematch with Masvidal and a fight against Burns), Colby does not seem impressed with the opponents the Nigerians defeated in that period.

‘‘ There is nothing impressive and honorable in those victories, nor in the victory against that other guy. ‘Dilbert’ (Gilbert Burns) is a lightweight fighter." "The guy was knocked out by a prostitute (Dan Hooker).

What is honorable in that? On what basis he is the pound-for-pound number one? I will expose him on Saturday night, and ‘Marty Juiceman’ will have nowhere to hide. ’’ The American fighter added.


If Colby Covington defeats Usman, he will become the UFC welterweight champion.

Although the competition in that category is extremely good, "Chaos" is already looking at other categories. Namely, the 33-year-old claims that he is open for matches in the light, but also in the middle category.

‘‘ Absolutely, both weight categories are open to me. The guy in the middle category (Adesanya) can't grapple. He was knocked down by a guy who had never grappled in his life (Jan Blachowicz). In the lower category, that guy (Charles Oliveira) was also finished.

’’, Explains Colby. When it comes to the lightweight category, Colby is quite interested in one name. It is, of course, Dustin Poirier, a fighter with whom Covington has a certain history and there is "evil blood" among them.

‘‘ I’d love to put my hands on the Louisiana swamp trash, Dustin Poirier. He told all that s*it to the media saying he was going to fight me. Say when and where." "Let's do it. Take that w*ore of your wife and that little one you call your child. ’’, A little McGregor-style, Colby looked back at Dustin Poirier.