Petr Yan decided to call out Sterling

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Petr Yan decided to call out Sterling

Just over seven months after losing his belt due to disqualification, Petr Yan once again owns the UFC belt. It is a temporary title, but the Russian fighter has successfully returned after a disappointing loss of the title.

As a reminder, Yan was disqualified in a match against Aljaamin Sterling in March for an illegal knee blow. Sterling and Yan were supposed to do a rematch last weekend, but Aljo canceled the match because he is still having problems with his neck, more specifically with the nerves in his neck.

Cory Sandhagen jumped in as a replacement, and the stakes were the title of interim champion. "Sandman" offered great resistance, but Yan once again came to victory primarily with his incredible pressing. The logical sequence of events is now a rematch against Aljaamin Sterling.

It is not yet known when the "Funk Master" will be ready to perform, but Yan believes that Sterling is actually running away from the rematch. '' I live in his head. A man who has escaped once will always flee again and again.

He has a chicken heart, so very small. '', Began the Russian fighter during a visit to MMA Hour.


It’s no secret how hard it was for Yan to lose his belt by disqualification and carelessness. The fact is that the Russian fighter broke the rules and he is aware of that.

It’s even harder to accept all of that when you consider how hard it is for him to get a rematch against Sterling. However, Yan calmed down somewhat with the victory against Sandhagen and confirmed that it is easier for him now.

'' Of course, (this win) helps me move on. I know that this belt is called temporary, but in reality, it has the same functionalities as the real one." "When I get a chance to beat Sterling again, I will make it even more dominant and there will be no dilemma as to who the real champion is.

" The fight between Sterling and Yan is one of the most wanted fights throughout the UFC, namely, Aljamain attracted the anger of many fans with his behavior, the cancellation of the rematch, and the way he got the belt.

On the other hand, Petr Yan is becoming more and more popular, and many are looking forward to seeing how tense the Russian will be in the return match. '' I realize it's a bigger fight now and people expect to watch it again, although I believe I've already beaten him once.

Then when I sign the contract. I will be 100 percent focused on doing it again. I'm going to seriously hurt him this time," No Mercy said.