Dana White decided to respond to Fedor's provocation

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Dana White decided to respond to Fedor's provocation

Earlier this month, Fedor Emelianenko did his comeback fight at Bellator’s arena. In one of his media appearances, the 45-year-old fighter then recalled the negotiations he had with the UFC in 2009, specifically with Dana White.

They didn’t agree and it remained as something that MMA fans haven’t regretted to this day. Fedor thus stated that they did not agree because he did not receive from White the respect he expected the promotion should have towards the fighters, adding along the way that money is in the first place for the UFC president.

Thus, he found that the problem in their negotiations was not of a financial nature. Now the answer is finally welcomed. At a press conference after the UFC 267 event in Abu Dhabi, White was asked to comment on Fedor's statements.

White on Fedor

And that way he wasn’t soft at all towards one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. In addition, they reminded him of his statement that Fedor was actually an overrated fighter. "Should I stop considering him overrated because he knocked out Tim Johnson? I don't really think about it at all," White said, before being familiar with Fedor's statement, to which he responded briskly and viciously: "First of all, I don't know Fedor.

Fedor doesn't know me either. His statement is that everything revolves around money to me. I think he should have thought a little more about money when we made him an offer, wherever we were then, whatever island we were on."

"If he had done that, he probably wouldn't have had to fight at 45 anymore." White has repeatedly revealed earlier that he does not understand why they failed to reach an agreement with Fedor, adding that they gave him a financially rich offer, with which he would be among the few highest-paid fighters in the promotion.

Fedor also said from the beginning that the problem was not even in the money, which he confirmed in his last statement. Fedor and White simply failed to find themselves on the same wavelength and somehow it really doesn’t make sense that today, when the great Russian is at the end of his career, they are reopening such topics.

Obviously, Fedor is quite frustrated with White and his reactions, and therefore it is not surprising why the topic related to them is raised again. One thing’s for sure: Everyone would love to watch Fedor in the UFC, but now it’s a little late for that