Saint Denis’s coach explained why he didn’t throw the towel in the ring

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Saint Denis’s coach explained why he didn’t throw the towel in the ring

The fight held at the inaugural program of the UFC 267 event, between Elise Zaleski Dos Santos and Benoit Saint-Denis, was very interesting and exciting. Primarily because of all the action the fighters afforded until roughly the last two minutes of the second round.

Then the drama began. Zaleski became dominant and started hitting the undefeated 25-year-old French debutant with strong clean shots. Already during the second round, we could listen to shocked commentators, in the foreground Daniel Cormier, who expressed disbelief that the referee Vyacheslav Kiselov did not stop the fight.

Although Saint-Denis was trying to fight, it was seen to be going in one direction. And even against the already very tired Zaleski, who was also breathing hard in the third round. But he, unlike his opponent, did not receive a large amount of damage that could cause long-lasting consequences.

The referee Kiselov was removed from the show by Mark Goddard, the main referee of the event, immediately after the fight. Goddard took over the refereeing of the fight between Magomed Ankalayev and Volkan Oezdemir, for which the Russian referee was delegated.

It just shows how catastrophic everyone considered his refereeing. Still, another man has been the target of criticism, and that is Saint-Denis head coach Daniel Woirin. Between the second and third rounds, when the majority felt he should have made the decision and pulled Saint-Denis out of the fight, he set out to encourage his fighter, telling him that the Brazilian was exhausted and that now was his chance to do something.


He gave his comment on the fight in an interview for the French portal Boxemag, calling the martial arts fans too sensitive and soft. "I would never in my life throw a towel into the arena. The truth is that at one point the referee could have stopped the fight, I even thought he would do it.

But he didn't," Woirin said, continuing to explain his decision: " Benoit managed to compose himself. He received a lot of punches but managed to collect himself, which ensured his survival. This is a fight and the fight is hard in itself."

"People are too sensitive. Benoit is a warrior, he couldn't lose his first UFC fight without giving his best. That's not possible. We talked about it right after the fight and he told me I did a good thing by not throwing in the towel."

"But that didn't even come to my mind." "I know why, you saw how he came back into the fight and in the end he was great. Benoit did a great fight against a great fighter and I am very happy. "