Colby Covington can't wait for the match against Usman

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Colby Covington can't wait for the match against Usman

“Fight Week” on the eve of the big UFC 268 event began. Saturday night through Sunday we will be watching a spectacular event at New York’s Madison Square Garden, all led by a fight between Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman.

The two best welters in the world gave us a great match in December 2019, and almost two years later they will have a rematch. Usman celebrated in the first fight with a knockout in the fifth round, but Covington gave him the toughest test in his UFC career so far.

"Chaos" defeated only Tyron Woodley after the defeat by Usman, but despite that, this is a rematch that we all want to watch, and rarely does anyone think that Covington does not deserve it. The 33-year-old American is extremely excited about the new opportunity to become the champion of the UFC welterweight category.

'' Man, I feel like a little kid before Christmas. I am so excited because I finally got what I prayed for and what I deserved. There are a lot of people who want to say that our first match was not competitive."

"I got a few rounds. He had to ask for a timeout several times. I punched him in the liver, and they labeled it a punch to the crotch. I shook him with a high kick, and he faked a stab in his right eye, even though I scratched his left eye."

"So we know he's a terrible actor, '' Chaos recalled of the first match in an interview with TMZ Sports.


By the way, Usman was a much more active fighter after the first fight against Colby. The Nigerian had three matches after the victory over Covington.

He defeated Jorge Masvidal twice and Gilbert Burns once. In the face of fighting with teammate Burns, Usman has changed the hall and camp where he prepares. Usman went to Trevor Wittman and delighted many with his progress in the stand.

Colby Covington also changed the hall. He is no longer welcome in the American Top Team and now trains at the MMA Masters Hall. "Chaos" emphasizes that he is happy with the fact that he and Usman have experienced certain changes, and this week we will find out who has made more progress.

"It's a great thing that it's about the past (when we talk about the first match). We will now see how much anyone has evolved. Two years have passed since our first match." "He changed the hall and the campground, me too.

I have great energy around me and great coaches. I know this is my destiny, I will be the UFC's undisputed champion, '' Covington added. These are truly two great fighters and we are all looking forward to getting an answer as to who is truly the best MMA welterweight in the world.