From today you can bet on the fight between Usman and Chimaev

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From today you can bet on the fight between Usman and Chimaev

Although he was not active as a fighter within the UFC's Octagon for 13 months, not even a full round of fighting against Li Jingliang was enough to reactivate the hype created around the extremely talented but also charismatic Khamzat Chimaev.

Another amazing performance will bring the 27-year-old fighter to the edge of the Top 10 rankings or maybe even within it, after which the questions will be: What next? At this moment, the closest seems to be contracting a fight against a couple of positions placed in front of him, which would bring him closer to the fight for the title.

There are a few good options at the moment, but many can’t help but think now about how Chimaev would fare in the attack on the throne, in the fight for the UFC championship belt. As the title is still with Kamaru Usman, who will defend it in the rematch against Colby Covington next week, some American bookmakers have offered a fight between Usman and Chimaev under potential future UFC fights.


Although Chimaev has been brilliant in his four appearances so far, incomparable to any fighter in the history of the promotion, Usman would still be a significant favorite to arrange their clash these days. The odds on his win, if you want to try to pay now, are 1.50, while the odds on Chimaev are 2.70.

There is no doubt that the odds on Chimaev if he continues with his progress so far, will fall in this option. After all, we have had several cases in the recent past where the challenger would eventually even enter the fight against the champions as a betting favorite.

But there’s no need to rush, they both have to do some more things before that fight could even become an option, but it’s certainly interesting to see how the “bookmakers” look at that pair at the moment.

If you believe Chimaev will get the title, maybe now is a really good opportunity to invest some money on it. The offer is valid as long as the fight, regardless of when and where it takes place, takes place. It is certain that Chimaev has shown strength and talent, and that he will not be taken lightly by any opponent.

He showed how much he can and how much he is ready, and now the only question is who will be his next opponent. In any case, an interesting match awaits us