The great gesture of Teixeira and Blachowicz caused big respect

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The great gesture of Teixeira and Blachowicz caused big respect

The big week for Glover Teixeira also brought his birthday. The Brazilian challenger for the UFC light heavyweight title turned 42 on Thursday. His opponent, Jan Blachowicz, had already congratulated him on his birthday at a press conference via a song, and the day before, when they met on the toilet (as we have seen in the Embedded episode) he promised to give him a present.

Glover asked him if it was a belt, to which Jan said that he still intended to keep it. Jan then revealed that he had brought Glover a beer from his hometown of Cieszyn, and handed it to him in the hotel hallway yesterday.

Someone on Glover's team recorded this by recording everything on a cell phone. Glover is a big fan of quality drinks, but we believe that, depending on the outcome of the fight, he could leave this as a memory. The Brazilian posted the video on his Instagram.

Glover stated in the description of the announcement that it is an example of real sports behavior. And the two of them have been behaving like that since the fight was announced, like real gentlemen. And it’s really hard to decide which of these two incredibly likable guys to cheer for.

Whoever loses, you will hardly not feel sorry for him.


Obviously, these are things that we are not used to seeing in the UFC and that we should watch as often as possible because the UFC is a sport that is becoming more and more popular.

Its attention should not only be aroused by conflicts and call-outs, but also by behaviors worthy of a sport. Perhaps this could be a good example for a large number of UFC fighters who base their performances on some other things.

But obviously, they do it because just such behaviors bring them popularity and earnings But sometimes even such two have to meet in the Octagon. If you don’t have your favorite, it’s best to relax and follow the fight as a neutral spectator.

For whatever their relations may be outside the Octagon, we are certain that there will be no sympathy or mercy in it. And then after the fight, they can also drink a beer or more together. This fight has already aroused great interest, and we can't wait to watch this duo in the ring because we are aware of how great they are both, and how much they can give us in the ring.