Sean Strickland has revealed shocking details from his childhood!

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Sean Strickland has revealed shocking details from his childhood!

UFC middleweight fighter Sean Strickland is one of the more interesting but also controversial figures on the UFC roster. The 30-year-old American fighter often ends up on the covers of martial arts portals with various statements that many consider morbid.

One such statement is the one from early September when Strickland sent a threatening message to Dillon Danis. '' I don't know if you're kidding or not? I would kill you and I'm not saying that metaphorically.

Of course, I don't want to go to jail, but if you and I met, and if I had free access to you, I would take your soul." "I would show you your own blood before I shut your mind. It would give me great pleasure to take your life with my bare hands.

I repeat I would never do that or threaten you, but you must understand that for me you are just a little lamb put into this world to be eaten. You understand that, don't you? You are prey, '' Sean wrote at the time.

Sean Strickland is often quite humorous as well, but overall, his statements almost always attract attention. The seven-ranked UFC middleweight challenger guest-starred in the latest episode of MMA Hour and touched on a childhood through which he was instilled with hatred.

"I was really angry. I had so much anger in me, that I went through a strange neo-Nazi phase during my younger days. I was expelled from school for hate crimes and similar."


"I was an angry person, and I had a lot of fu*ed up people around me who influenced me.

It felt so good to hate someone. I would walk down the street with a knife or a stone hoping to kill someone." "When I started training, I realized how angry I was, '' Sean began, then explained which person had a big influence on the formation of such a character.

'' My grandfather was a big piece of s*it. When you’re a kid, you don’t see it, you look at him as a hero. He filled my head with madness. I was in seventh grade, and he would tell me about the Nazis, while I didn’t even know what that meant" "But you hear things like that from someone you look up to and it overwhelms you to identify with it.

I was drawing swastikas on the way to school, and I didn’t even know what it was." "Later, my grandfather died, and I began to resent him for all this. When you are a racist, you will not go far in life. You're fuc*ed up, man.

There is no privilege of being a racist and that is why I resented all this to my grandfather for most of my life, '' Strickland added. By the way, Strickland was scheduled to fight Luke Rockhold at the UFC 268 show on Nov.

6. However, former champion Luke Rockhold has canceled his appearance due to injury and a replacement has yet to be found. It looks like we won’t be watching Strickland at a show at Madison Square Garden