Volkan Oezdemir wants a match with Rakic after Ankalaev

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Volkan Oezdemir wants a match with Rakic after Ankalaev

Volkan Oezdemir will do his first fight after July last year this weekend. He returns to a place that does not remain in his best memory, since he had that last fight in Abu Dhabi, where he was defeated. Jiri Prochazka knocked him out in the second round of their fight, directing himself towards the top, while Volkan’s return there he managed to slow.

But he was slowed down by other problems which is why he found himself on such a long break. "This whole COVID situation was not good at all for me. I had a lot of delayed fights and one was canceled, it was not easy to get back on track."

"Now I am finally here, ready to fight Magomed Ankalev," Oezdemir said in an interview with BJPenn.com, adding something about his opponent: "He's a very patient fighter looking to win by knockout. I think he likes to keep the fight too clean and technical throughout its entire course, so my goal is to bring him something different."

"It won't be any different from what I normally do. I want to stand up to him and knock him out. But I also want to show everything I've worked on since I've changed a lot of things. I'm ready to show you some new things.



Volkan discovered that he was not interested in easy fights and that he accepted this challenge for a reason. And after that, he has a desire to repeat one fight. Namely, the tails left behind in the fight against Aleksandar Rakić, which he did in December 2019, are still being pulled.

Volkan won the fight with a divided referee's decision, but Rakić did not accept it and constantly claims that he sees himself as the winner, and assures everyone that the UFC's position is the same. "I don't know what's going on with Rakic.

It's like he's constantly looking for easy fights. I heard he turned down Jiri Prochazka a few times, and now he wants to fight Smith again." "I don't know why he would agree to that. The division is very interesting at the moment.

I am personally interested in repeating the fight against him because I want to silence him." "There are too many stories and it is a fight that I really want to do once again," Volkan revealed why he wants that rematch.

Before that, they will have to celebrate in a very tough fight, a fight that opens the UFC 267 event program on Saturday.