Mike Perry left the UFC and went to another organization

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Mike Perry left the UFC and went to another organization

After five years in the UFC and 15 fights, which certainly made him one of the most active members of the promotion, Mike Perry is no longer part of the said organization. The fighter who gained great popularity over the years and we would even say that he was the most popular UFC fighter outside the official rankings, has already in recent days hinted through statements that some big news is being prepared.

He was announcing new competition so it was assumed he could change the category, but that didn’t happen. Platinum has changed employers. As of today, he is a member of BFKC, the world's largest glove boxing promotion, and many will comment that this was a logical sequence of his career, judging by his skills and character.

But rarely did anyone expect this to happen so quickly. Apparently David Feldman has put a pretty strong offer on the table, aware that Perry owns absolutely everything that should adorn any fighter of his organization. Perry will perform there in the under-79kg category.


"Let's skip the formalities. This sport is evolving, and I'm here to instill fear in the hearts of my rivals. I have a plan to intimidate the world when they see what this skilled fighter can only do with bare fists."

"I will be proclaimed king of the streets and king of martial arts. He will make me a platinum crown and carry me on the bloody backs of my defeated rivals. I am here to head straight to the top." "Everyone will wonder twice if he wants to enter my world."

And BKFC is my world! ”Perry said in an official press release. In recent months, Perry has left the impression that he has calmed down a bit and settled his life, after being shocked by his incidents and decisions for a while.

First of all, to leave all the teams, which he adhered to in his last three fights in the Octagon. Namely, during them he did not have coaches in his corner, only his girlfriend Latory, and once a friend. It seems that it was Latory and their son Ocean that resulted in Perry managing to tame his glowing blood a bit, but now he will have a chance to release everything from himself again, the moment he enters the BKFC ring. We hope that he will show all the talent and strength he has and that we will enjoy the fights