Dana White responded to statements from Dos Santos

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Dana White responded to statements from Dos Santos

Former UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos was fired from a promotion earlier this year, of which he has been a member since 2008, and has done 23 fights in the Octagon, recording 15 wins. Still, a run of four defeats cost him a spot on the UFC roster.

What bothered Junior a lot more than the dismissal itself was the relationship. In moments as he hoped for another chance to correct the mistakes that led to the aforementioned series, given that all four opponents were fighters from the very top, he learned of the UFC's decision in a way that no one had personally approached him before.

In fact, as he discovered, Dan Lambert of the American Top Team was notified by message and was instructed to convey the same to Junior. The 37-year-old Brazilian then stated through disappointment that the UFC is a promotion in which there is no necessary respect, but no emotion towards someone who left a big mark like him in the promotion.

Even he did not state another fact, that he is in fact an extremely popular fighter in general, to whom fans especially appreciate his human characteristics.

Dana White answered

Now it's time for Dana White to say something about it.

In fact, he cited the situation with Junior as an example as he spoke about the current situation of Nate Diaz, who has only one more fight left on his UFC contract. "Junior Dos Santos recently said some things, about how he got hurt, how I only care about money, and the way he left the UFC.

Listen, how old is he? He's in his forties." "He had four or five defeats in a row and there always comes a time when I have to make a decision when a fighter has entered a series of defeats, and besides he is in years, "White said in an interview with Aaron Bronsteter, a little misjudging Junior's years, then continuing : "This just isn't the place for him anymore.

There are so many other places where he can go fight and where he can make big money." "A lot of these guys, after building their name here, go to other promotions and make crazy money. And great for them, that's how this job is done.

" As it seems at the moment, Junior managed in the wrestling ring. He has performed twice at AEW promotion events, after which he stated that he likes it and how it is seen in professional wrestling. It is not known until when, but it is certainly symbolic to see that he set out on the path of his once great rival, Cain Velasquez, with whom he did three memorable fights for the UFC title.