Paulo Costa revealed why he had problems losing weight

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Paulo Costa revealed why he had problems losing weight

Many were angry at Paul Costa this weekend. The Brazilian fighter in the middle category led the organizers to a series of problems due to weight loss problems. "Borrachinha" was well above the limit for the middle category and the fight was eventually transferred to the light heavyweight category.

Costa eventually lost the match against Vettori, who according to Dana White was 12 "pounds" lighter during the match (5.44 kg). Although the Brazilian is accused of irresponsibility and lack of professionalism, he tried to explain during the press conference why he had problems with losing weight.

"The only problem is that I lost the fight and now it will look like I'm looking for excuses. I have no excuse for anything. I did a good job there, Marvin too." "Congratulations to him and me. However, I had certain problems that prevented me from reaching my usual weight.

I couldn't train for a few weeks due to a left biceps injury, '' Paulo said.

Low and high kicks

The Brazilian worked very well with his right foot during the fight. He mixed Costa with his right hand from low kicks all the way to high kicks.

Vettori bravely received all those blows, and Costa described how he felt after 25 minutes of hard fighting. '' I feel good physically, but my foot is a balloon. I hit him a lot in the body and head." "I think his left arm and body are in pain.

I don’t understand how the referees scored this match. I believe I won, "said the Brazilian. By the way, all three referee cards showed a score of 48-46. "Borrachinha" won the second and fifth rounds, while the remaining three went to Vettori.

However, a difference of two points was made because Costa was deprived of one point during the second round. Then there was a stab in the eye of the Italian by the Brazilian fighter, and although referee Jason Herzog initially only warned Costa, he eventually took away his point.

Borrachinha believes such a decision was too harsh. '' He's a very good referee and I don't understand why he took away my point for the first offense. I really don't understand, '' Paulo Costa added.

Lost Costa that point or not, the fact is he would definitely be defeated because Vettori won three rounds versus the Brazilian’s two. As for his weight, the Brazilian may have really failed due to a mix of unfortunate circumstances and injuries he struggled with, but UFC President Dana White said Costa must move to the light heavyweight division.