UFC: Masvidal faces Usman for the title

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UFC: Masvidal faces Usman for the title

Could the main event of the UFC card next Saturday, the first of the month of fighting with the octagon on the beach of Fighting island, in Abu Dhabi, could be canceled because the welterweight title challenger, Gilbert Burns, is positive for the coronavirus? No!

Because Dana White wanted other than the high-level matches scheduled, and in two days she puts on a challenge that everyone has been waiting for for months: against The Nigerian Nightmare Kamaru Usman for the belt there will be a super rival, Jorge Masvidal.

One who, once again, shows that he lacks everything except courage: he has agreed to fight on less than a week's notice. Something that had never been seen in the history of combat sports at these levels, thanks to a main event that could enter the history of the UFC.

Two fighters ready to offer a sensational show, which the crowd awaits with great emotion. Masvidal is perhaps not the best fighter in the world, but the most unpredictable. He lost matches that should have been easy and won others who saw him as an absolute underdog.

Now, however, he is in a rush both from a performance point of view (three wins in a row by knockout, including the fastest finalization in history, flying knee to the face and Askren, on the ground after 5 seconds), and in the media.

His look between the hipster and the pirate with bum and long hair, his apparently little athlete's life, the sharp jokes, the extravagant and extravagant clothes.

Usman vs Masdival

At face-to-face with Diaz he presented himself in a white suit and a red shirt with a collar, in January for McGregor's return he was at the edge of the ring in a black and gold Versace bathrobe.

His is a movie life. Son of a Peruvian girl and a Cuban exile who ended up in bad spins once he landed in Florida, he came up in the worst Miami, capitalizing on the experience of street fights becoming a professional street fighter.

His clandestine meetings are still circulating on the net with bare hands in the suburban parking lots or in the gardens. Then professionalism: boxing, kickboxing and then the landing at MMA. They have been tense stories with Usman for some time.

The two met on the Super Bowl media day and had to physically separate them, between threats and bad words. Basically Usman accuses Masvidal of being one appearance and no substance, Masvidal accuses Usman of avoiding him. This is not the case: if the two agreed to fight on such short notice, thus renouncing an ad hoc tactical preparation. Meanwhile Masvidal has passed the anti-Covid tests. Waiting for the match, keep an eye on face to face.