Usman explained why Edwards is not fighting for the belt

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Usman explained why Edwards is not fighting for the belt

For a long time, Leon Edwards lobbied that he deserves to be the next challenger in the UFC welterweight category. However, the opportunity was eventually given to Colby Covington, who will try to win the welterweight belt in the return match against Kamaru Usman on November 6.

Despite nine wins in the last ten appearances, Edwards will have to achieve another victory before he can get a title shot. Leon is waiting for a match against the dangerous Jorge Masvidal on December 11. Current champion Kamaru Usman believes that Edwards actually missed his chance in his currently last appearance.

"Rocky" celebrated against Nate Diaz in June with a unanimous decision, but it was almost over in the last minute of the fight. Usman believes that serious challengers cannot afford such things during a fight. '' It was actually an audition (Edwards' fight against Diaz).

He went to an audition to fight me, and then I decide if it will be him or some other guy." "The leaders of the promotion and I sit together and talk about whether we like the audition footage. He (Edwards) appeared in against Diaz and did a good job for a while."

"However, suddenly in the 25th minute, he sh*t himself in his bed. It can't happen to you, '' Usman said during an interview with Daniel Cormier.


The Nigerian also believes that Leon Edwards is not interesting for promotion, that is, it is not commercially viable.

The Briton is often criticized for being a bit boring and lacking in charisma. He is not supported by his fights, which are good, but not so attractive that they would jump out of mediocrity. '' Someone has to be realistic with this guy.

At the end of the day, we know that all this is business, a partnership between us, and promotion." "Within a partnership, you have to provide the other party with something they will work with, they need to provide them with something they can sell.

They were constantly giving him opportunities to do so, but let’s be honest. You can’t go out there and have that kind of performance against Nate Diaz. It must not happen to you, '' Usman added. Whatever Edwards is, if he defeats Jorge Masvidal in December, no one will be able to deny him that he deserves a chance to become the UFC welterweight champion. He also knows that the task is not easy at all, but Edwards has the necessary qualities