White: ‘Paulo Costa will have to move to the light heavyweight division’

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White: ‘Paulo Costa will have to move to the light heavyweight division’

UFC President Dana White is pleased with last night’s UFC Fight Night 196 event. The organizers faced a lot of problems caused by Paulo Costa. The Brazilian said two days before the official weigh-in that he was 12 kilograms above the predicted weight for the middleweight category and added that he would not be able to lose weight.

The fight eventually took place in the light heavyweight category, nine pounds above the middleweight category. Great credit for holding the match belongs to Marvin Vettori. The Italian agreed to all the terms offered, despite the fact that he absolutely did not have to do so.

However, Marvin is always eager to fight, and Dana White has recognized that as well. '' We tried our best to keep this fight going and we couldn't do it without a guy like Vettori. He acted like an absolute professional, a guy who is incredibly good to work with." "That's why the fight took place, '' the UFC president told the assembled media after the fight and then revealed how heavy the fighters were during the fight.

"Vettori was at 208 pounds (94.34 kg) and Costa at 220 (99.79 kg)."

White praised Vettori

In the continuation of his address, White once again praised Marvin Vettori but did not fail to praise Paul Costa for a very good performance.

"I repeat, we must pay our respects to Vettori. He was willing to fight at any weight and did not let all this disturb his reason. At the end of the day, it all revolves around fighting." "They both did their best. Costa looked better in the fifth than in the first round and therefore was definitely in shape.

When a fighter comes so hard, the question arises whether he is in shape, and he has proven that he is. " As for the Brazilian, it is obvious that "Borrachinha" has problems with losing weight for the middle category, and White confirmed that Costa and the middle category are the end of the story.

"He's going to have to fight in the light heavyweight division," the UFC president said. Recall once again, Vettori achieved a victory over Costa after a tough 5 rounds and proved to be a truly phenomenal fighter. He was moving well, hitting great, and probably won’t stop at this We will see what his next step in his career is, but it is interesting to see what Costa will do after all