Cormier on Emelianenko: ‘He would be an average fighter in the UFC'

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Cormier on Emelianenko: ‘He would be an average fighter in the UFC'

One of the things we always wanted is a chance to watch Fedor Emelianenko under the auspices of the UFC. The Russian has been known as the best MMA fighter in the world for many years, and even today there are many fans who see him as the greatest ever in this sport.

Yet the legendary fighter of the Japanese Pride has never been able to come to terms with an American promotion that has long held primacy in the sport. Fedor has fought for a number of various promotions, but the UFC will be absent from his resume.

Former UFC heavyweight and welterweight champion Daniel Cormier commented on Fedor’s absence from the UFC. "We are talking about the period between 2009 and 2011. It was a time when the UFC and Fedor were negotiating or at least trying to do something.

They were interested in the UFC for a long time until he went to Bellator, and then the possibility of his coming to the UFC obviously disappeared, '' Daniel began during the Debate DC show. Continuing the conversation, Cormier commented on Fedor’s chances in the world’s strongest MMA organization.

'' However, all the time Fedor was wandering around other organizations. I think he would have beaten Brock Lesnar if they had fought." "But other than that, I don’t think Fedor would have done well in the UFC.

I think his non-signing for the UFC left that dilemma (which it would be if it were), but the reality is that he wouldn’t do as well as guys like JDS or Cain Velasquez." "He would struggle with fighters like Cheick Kong.

Emelianenko would not have beaten the guys who were at the top of the UFC at the time. I'm sure of that, '' DC added.

Cormier on Fedor

Cormier is aware that Fedor is a great fighter and occupies a special place in the history of the sport, but he is still adamant in his position that a Russian fighter would not be a top fighter within the UFC.

'' I know you're going to say he beat the Minotaur and Frank Mir. However, no matter how big Fedor is, he would be the most average at the time." "I’m telling you, Fedor Emelianenko would be an average UFC fighter at best from 2009 to 2011.

”Cormier concluded. What is true is the fact that the dilemma and uncertainty surrounding Fedor’s career in the UFC will forever remain. We didn’t get a chance to find out how he would pass against fighters like Velasquez and JDS, and given that Emelianenko is 45, his career is coming to an end.

"The Last Emperor" will never be seen in the UFC, and we may be watching him for the last time inside the arena today. Emelianenko is fighting Timothy Johnson at tonight's Bellator 269 show, and despite the legendary Fedor having another contract fight (after today's), it is not ruled out that tonight will be his "last dance"