Adesanya revealed how he spent the first million dollars

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Adesanya revealed how he spent the first million dollars

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya is currently one of the most popular fighters in the promotion. The fighter, originally from Nigeria, is currently stationed in New Zealand. While all of this sounds like an escape from poverty in Africa, Adesanyja actually lived a decent life in his home country as well.

'' I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. I had a good upbringing, my parents were successful business people. I had a pretty easy life compared to the other kids, '' Izzy explained to GQ Sports. Yet the much more comfortable life of Israel Adesanya now lives on.

The UFC champion has earned a slightly larger amount of money in his career so far and recalled when he roughly reached the first million US dollars. '' I made the first million in the fight against Brunson or the one against Silva.

The only person I trust will handle my money well is my father, because who else would have the best interests for you in their heart than the person who created and raised you. ” Continuing the interview for GQ Sports, "Stylebender" was given the task of remembering what he spent that first million on.

'' I bought my first big chain (chain) for $ 13,000. I spent about three to five thousand dollars on clothes and shoes. I made a dragon tattoo, I call it ‘Kunta Kinte’." "I spent about $ 4,000 on that tattoo because I got a discount from a friend.

'', Adesanya began with a list and then continued. '' I needed something different when it came to the car. I couldn’t sit upright in a Lamborghini so I bought a McLaren. I spent about half a million dollars on a car.

" In addition to the costs mentioned so far, Israel also spent a considerable amount of money visiting its home country. '' On the way back to Nigeria I stopped in Dubai, and it all cost me about $ 150,000. Holidays for friends and family, $ 150,000 too.



Izzy added that he spent about 40 thousand dollars on close people, and a special home cinema cost him 20 thousand dollars. Most of the money, however, was spent on real estate, and thus his bill well exceeded one million dollars.

'' I bought my first house, it cost me about $ 800,000. After that, I constantly buy houses and land. I've crossed a million with this. " Israel was asked if it was donating money to charity. The Nigerian claims that even then, but he does not want to expose such works in the media.

'' I give a lot to charity, but I don't talk much about it because I don't do it for likes and the media. My sister works at the hospital so I donated about $ 20,000 because they needed new beds." "Also, I often pay for fuel to an unknown person at the gas station, but I disappear before they even realize it, '' said the middleweight champion.

At the end of the conversation, Adesanya commented on the value of the money and sent an interesting message. '' I never regret the way I spend my money. This is garbage. I love it, but the trash is at the end of the day.

What I appreciate is the way I spend my time because it's something I can never give back, '' Izzy concluded.