Cejudo told McGregor: "Try to hit Khabib like you hit a DJ"

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Cejudo told McGregor: "Try to hit Khabib like you hit a DJ"

Conor McGregor shocked the public again with a new incident a few days ago. The Irish star allegedly hit Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti and McGregor broke his nose in the process. The Italian DJ described what happened via Instagram, at least according to his version of the story.

"It was about 2 hours and 30 minutes when I was attacked by Conor McGregor. The famous Conor McGregor punched me in the mouth and broke my nose in front of ten witnesses, my friends, and his bodyguards." "He attacked me for no reason after two hours of talking and I could have kept quiet and not said anything about this, but when I'm here, I have to say that this person is violent and dangerous.

I received the blow for no reason," Facchinetti said. Currently, retired UFC fighter Henry Cejudo is quite frustrated by the Irishman’s constant excesses and believes Conor is bringing harm and shame to the sport and to everyone involved in MMA in some way.


UFC President Dana White has also found himself under attack by Cejudo because he is doing absolutely nothing to punish McGregor. ''As I said, some people just love that adrenaline rush. I don’t want to say directly how Conor likes the fact that he can do things like this, and Dana won’t do anything."

"He is a ‘golden cow’. The man with the gold creates the rules. However, I will say something. '', Cejudo began in a conversation with Dave Schmulenson ('' The Schmo) and continued. '' If Dana or Conor McGregor are watching this, we look bad because of you and you should stop doing that.

At the end of the day, we are all competitors trying to come to victory." "But when you’re out, in public, while hurting people, inflicting terrorist attacks on our state, and hitting DJs on the run, then you’re trash!

Choose the right person to strike at the raid. Hit Khabib that way so we'll see how you go, '' Triple C added, saying what most people think and see. By the way, the Italian DJ, after consulting with his wife and lawyers, decided to file a lawsuit against Conor McGregor.

Time will tell what consequences the most popular UFC fighter will bear, but it’s time for UFC leaders to also react when they’re in constantly troubled fighters like Jon Jones or Conor McGregor. Obviously, a fighter like McGregor doesn't need things like this, but he doesn't want to stop having problems.