Kevin Lee failed a doping test and is waiting for penalty

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Kevin Lee failed a doping test and is waiting for penalty

In late August, Kevin Lee had another chance to step up and confirm his potential. He announced a great comeback and a path to the top, already declaring himself the man who would dethrone Kamaru Usman. He had a good fighter against Daniel Rodriguez, but a fighter that someone of his ambitions should overcome without too much trouble.

It so happened that Lee was cleanly defeated, and it’s no mistake to say he did perhaps the worst fight of his career. Dana White was so disappointed with his performance that he said he would have to think about what to do with it.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of the problems, as a positive doping test result arrived shortly after the fight. Lee was positive for amphetamines, which resulted in an automatic temporary suspension by the Nevada State Commission.

The decision on the sentence will be made later, but as it all came out to the public, Lee decided to tell his side of the story via Instagram. "I have tested over the limit allowed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission in my most recent fight.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD, it has always affected me." "I did not discover real treatment for the diagnosis until 2020 when I was recovering from my double knee surgeries. I was prescribed Adderall from a doctor to improve my mental Health."

"I told representatives from USADA but did not apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption from the NSAC before my last fight. For that, I truly apologize to the UFC, the commission, my opponent, Dana White, the matchmakers, Sean Shelby and Mick Maynard, and the fans.

"It was never my intention to gain an athletic advantage. It was an attempt to conquer the severe anxiety I silently suffer from daily. I am actively cooperating with the Nevada Athletic Commission and expect to reach an agreement on a sanction."

"I will use this time to heal and come back stronger. Sorry for my lack of professionalism that lead to this disappointment, I’ll be back"


ADHD is a disorder of hyperactivity and attention, and it most often occurs in children, although it has recently become more common in adults as well.

There are more and more of those who have been struggling with it almost their entire lives. People with ADHD are mostly extremely intelligent and creative because their brains are more active than the average person, but on the other hand, they have major problems concentrating on them with secondary activities.

Ever since the defeat inflicted on him by Tony Ferguson in October 2017, and it was a fight for a temporary title, Lee has never been able to find his peace. He changed camps and categories, and each time he claimed that he was coming back stronger and better than before, only to end in disappointment.

There were bright moments, like the sensational knockout against Gregor Gillespie, in November 2019, but it was also his only win in the last five fights. It is always time to mention that Kevin is only 29 years old and that he still has time to settle down, but unfortunately, it seems to us that he is sinking deeper and deeper.