Colby Covington frustrated by the behavior of MMA journalists

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Colby Covington frustrated by the behavior of MMA journalists

The UFC 268 event, which takes place on November 6 in New York, and which will be led by a fight between Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington, is slowly approaching. It is the rematch of their clash from December 2019, in which Usman registered a victory with a stoppage just a minute before the end of a very uncertain fight.

Ever since that moment, Colby has been seeking revenge, and has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with some of the referee’s decisions. He does not only mean the stoppage, but also the two breaks that Usman requested, due to a low blow and a stab in the eye, which Colby claims were actually acting with the aim of recovering in the moments when he was in danger.

It was interesting in the first days after the fight, as Colby avoided any media appearances, so some called all of the above excuses he could devise at the time. But in a recent conversation with Brett Okamoto, Colby revealed that he wanted to see how the fight would be portrayed, without him personally stating what had happened.

"I wanted to see if the media would write about what happened. Because everyone was against me before the match, even though they didn't know anything about me, only the one I support as president." "That's why I was silent, I was interested would they mention what happened, would they give a comment on his acting injury, whether to comment on Judge Marc Goddard’s affinity." "No, instead I got comments on how I was dominated, how I was knocked out, and how the fight wasn’t equal.

It showed me the true picture of an MMA reporter." "Obviously because of that they follow MMA, not the biggest sports ", he expressed his anger to the media, but also to his opponent, who did not immediately accept the fight to repeat: "If I were Usman I wouldn't want to win that way, I would want the fight to happen again right away and no one has any doubt that I'm the best." "I want to show that I'm the best and that the first fight wasn't fair.

Instead, he went choose fights and fight lightweight fighters. "

Media treatment

Colby earned bad treatment from the media and fans with his behavior and statements, as a result of which Okamoto asked him if it was about him that over time he decided to play a role that could set him apart from other fighters, even if it was not really his real face.

"I wouldn't say it that way, I can only say that I decided to take it to a higher level. At first, I was careful not to offend the UFC because I wanted to do a good job." "Then I realized that this is show business and it's not enough to be just a good fighter and that you have to offer people something from the side, something beyond that." "I stopped thinking about what people think of me and presented myself as I am.

I realized that I'm not here to make friends, but to make money." "My friend and family know who I am, the people I would receive a bullet for. In this world, everyone has an opinion, and opinion is like a prank, most of the time it stinks, "he explained his attitude towards the media and fans.