Bisping believes McGregor needs to find professional help

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Bisping believes McGregor needs to find professional help

While it appears that Conor McGregor’s latest incident will go unnoticed for the Irishman, it is certainly something to look out for. The incident refers to last week's attack in Rome, when he hit DJ Francisco Facchinetti, with whom he had been hanging out until then.

Michael Bisping claims he had no intention of looking back on it, but that he did decide anyway, as that’s what took over the martial arts media last weekend. Of course, Bisping was critical of McGregor, despite believing that the Italian had added some extra aspects to everything, in the hope that he could extract some money from McGregor.

Bisping thus does not believe that McGregor broke the Italian's nose, as he does not see any additional consequences of such injuries, but he also does not dispute that the Irishman did something stupid and that it is something that could cost him in the near future, as soon as he does it in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

He spoke about it in a video posted on his YouTube page. He linked this attack to some earlier incidents and built on that view that McGregor was in a problem that he had to solve somehow. "It will come back to him the wrong way one day.

He needs people around him who will tell him no, people who will keep him and who will tell him openly what he is doing." "Not so long ago he was a two-time world champion. I was a fan of that man, I'm not a fan of this man.

I don't think anyone is. Soon he'll be left without what drives him and what then? He can't live like that anymore." "And one day he'll target the wrong person. The old man at the bar, Machine Gun Kelly, Francisco Facchinetti , these aren't dangerous guys.

I don't want to sound dangerous, but let's start with me." "Look at what Facchinetti and Machine Gun Kelly look like, and the old man is an old man. Find someone your size. Actually, it's not hard, knowing how big he is.

, find someone who knows how to fight. Otherwise you are just an abuser, "said Bisping, who is followed by a huge number of 230,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Changing behavior

He then turned to the other side, the one where he believes that Conor should work on himself as soon as possible, first of all change his behavior until it starts to cost him, not only financially.

"I'm not just here to spit on Conor. I'm talking about current events in the world of martial arts. If Conor McGregor does something like that, then we have to talk about it." "I don't know where this is going to go, I don't know if this guy is going to get any money from Conor.

There's no footage, if there was it would already be out there and we'd all see it." "We know Conor is going through a tough time.He broke his leg, he had surgery and I have no doubt he's on various painkillers.

I've been through that and I know what such things can do to your mind." "And there was alcohol. These are no excuses for him, because whatever he takes, he must have control or someone next to him who will stop him.

He is absolutely responsible for all his actions. " "He needs help. Professional help. Anger control or psychiatrist because this is not going to end well. What if Facchinetti fell and hit his head so he could die."

"What if he hurts someone in any way, a lot can happen. Maybe Facchinetti is tied to thallium mafia so someone ends up with a bullet in the head? There are a lot of scenarios. This is not the type we want to watch. We want to see Conor McGregor where he fights in the Octagon, ”he concluded.