Deiveson Figueiredo accuses Brandon Moreno of betraying a friend

"He betrayed Cejudo. I will be very happy when I go to cut off his head to hand it to Cejudo"

by Sead Dedovic
Deiveson Figueiredo accuses Brandon Moreno of betraying a friend

The trilogy between Brandon Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo will happen on January 22 as part of the UFC 270 event. Two fantastic fly fighters were scheduled to fight Dec. 11 at UFC 269, but their match was moved by just over a month.

Brazilian Figueiredo, after a draw in the first match, was quite convincingly defeated in the second fight, which took place in June this year. Moreno finished Deiveson by choking in the third round and thus became the champion of the flies category.

Figueiredo found one of the reasons for the defeat in his own hall, where he usually prepares for matches. The Brazilian therefore went to Arizona as part of the preparation camp for the third fight and joined Henry Cejudo and Eric Albaraccin.

Figueiredo became a friend with Cejudo, and in an interview with MMA Junkie revealed that Moreno and Cejudo have a certain past between them. '' I enjoy being here, and when I arrived, Henry Cejudo told me something about Brandon Moreno.

Moreno lived for two years in Cejudo's house, after which he went to Benavidez's camp to help him fight Cejudo." "He betrayed Cejudo. I will be very happy when I go to cut off his head to hand it to Cejudo. You can't be a traitor in our sport, "said Deus da Guerra.

Arizona hall

Recall, Cejudo, and Benavidez fought in late 2016, and Benavidez celebrated with a split refereeing decision. In the same conversation, Figueiredo explained why he decided on the hall in Arizona and on Henry Cejudo and Albarracin.

'' The main reason I came here is the focus and the fact that I wanted to be a little out of my hall. But I wanted to be with Cejudo and Eric Albarracin because Henry is the champion and Eric created the champion. Lions walk together.

'' It will be interesting to see what progress Deiveson Figueiredo will show in the third match. The Brazilian has been quite versatile and a complete fighter before, but working with a grappler like Cejudo could raise certain aspects to an even higher level.

However, it should not be forgotten that Brandon Moreno has been constantly advancing from fight to fight in recent years. All of this makes the third fight even more exciting and there is no doubt that both fighters will come out in their best releases.

One thing is for sure: Both fighters will be ready and will have a huge desire to win, but Figueiredo will have one additional motive: To avenge his friend

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