Edwards: "This is a crazy world, MMA world is crazy"

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Edwards: "This is a crazy world, MMA world is crazy"

This year’s last UFC event, UFC 269 held on December 11, became richer last week for one strong fight. Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards have been added to the event, who will thus resolve their conflict in the Octagon, which began in March 2019, after the London Fight Night, in which they both registered a victory.

Edwards, meanwhile, raised his winning streak to nine triumphs and hoped to fight for the title, but it was still won by Colby Covington. Leon thus decided to accept the above-mentioned fight and thus risk his elected status.

But what’s interesting is that before accepting the fight, he was criticized by Masvidal, but also by fans, for not immediately accepting the UFC’s offer. How much it all frustrated him, mostly because he thinks he had no obligation to do so, he revealed in an interview with Ariel Helwani at the MMA Hour.

"I'm the one taking all the risk. Khamzat Chimaev, Nate Diaz, Jorge Masvidal. I'm the one fighting all those lower-ranked fighters. I wonder what's going on," Edwards said, adding that he had to stay calm all the time.

"This is a crazy world, the MMA world is crazy. And I realized how crazy all these people are, I can't sit and listen to it. I have to stay focused on my job and stick to my goal. I can't pay attention to it because I I could go crazy.


Social Media

He reiterated that he simply cannot remain immune to social media, even though he knows how it would be smartest for him at the moment, especially as he prepares for such a big fight. "Some things I see on social media make me wonder what's going on.

Everyone possible is just tweeting and talking shit, and I'm the only one pulling some moves." "I'm the one putting everything at stake. I've grown into a fighter who needs to fight for the title, but I'm taking a step back, I'm going to fight a fighter ranked sixth.

Only after that will I fight for the title, but all right, let's let them talk, "Rocky confirmed. Edwards was set as a favorite by the bookmakers at the start, which makes sense if we know what kind of series he is in and how Masvidal was defeated in his last two fights.

We’ll see if Edwards can continue his streak, and if he can be better than Masvidal who is a top fighter and one of the tougher obstacles