Volkan Oezdemir praises his next opponent: ‘He is a killer'

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Volkan Oezdemir praises his next opponent: ‘He is a killer'

The UFC’s light heavyweight division hasn’t been as interesting as it is today. There are more and more fighters looking to the top, and most of them don’t even seem to have entered their best years yet. One of those who is constantly at the top, but has already once felt the opportunity to attack the top, is 32-year-old Swiss fighter Volkan Oezdemir.

We haven't seen Volkan since July last year, when he was knocked out by the then debutant Jiri Prochazka, thus interrupting his series of two victories, which he achieved over Ilir Latifi and Aleksandar Rakić. He will finally return on October 30 in Abu Dhabi at UFC 267, an event that also includes a fight for the title of his category.

There is no easy job ahead of him, as he will have Magomed Ankalayev against him, a fighter in a great winning streak. But he doesn't mind. He actually revealed in an interview with MMA Junkie how it was against such fighters in the UFC that he came and competed.

"That's what I signed when I came here. I signed to fight the best fighters in the world. It's the only way to prove to everyone as the best and that's what you do when you come to the UFC." "You sign a contract to fight the best, but some people want to choose.

You can see cases where fighters refuse the offered fights looking for an easier way or something that will lead them to the title as quickly as possible and in the safest way."


"It's not me. I look for the best fights and the best opponents.

I want to feel a challenge because I know that no one will be able to challenge me for a place at the top if I beat everyone on the way there ", Volkan expressed his rather unique thinking, further explaining it: "A lot of people tell me I'm fighting killers in winning streaks, but that's what I see that will keep me where I want to be.

All the people I've fought, except just one, have been challengers or fighters who are in such mentioned in the context, so it's something I've always had in mind." "Only one victory against such fighters puts me back among the candidates to attack the top.

" Ankalaev will be the favorite, and in case of victory, the Russian could reach the position of the challenger. Against him, of course, he will have a man who will do his best not to make it happen. "He is a very good fighter, he wins.

He is very patient, he approaches fights strategically. He likes to build his fights, but he also fights with great strength." "He is a tough opponent. We can even say he is one hundred percent because his only defeat came as a surprise.

But this is a martial art, everything is possible until the last second." "This is what makes all this so interesting ", the Swiss bravely announced the fight, another one this month, which we are really looking forward to.