McGregor hit an Italian DJ and broke his nose !?

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McGregor hit an Italian DJ and broke his nose !?

Conor McGregor is in Italy these days, primarily in Rome, where he visits the sights in the company of his family and several bodyguards, but also enjoys shopping. As for the nightlife, we find out that he also decided to try it, but it seems that he has once again crossed the line of desirable behavior.

Namely, Conor was accused of physical assault by Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti and his wife Wilma. In short, during a party at a nightclub, he hit a DJ and broke his nose. Facchinetti said something more about it via his Instagram, where he described what happened.

"It was about 2 hours and 30 minutes when I was attacked by Conor McGregor. The famous Conor McGregor punched me in the mouth and broke my nose in front of ten witnesses, my friends, and his bodyguards." "He attacked me for no reason after two hours of talking and I could have kept quiet and not said anything about this, but when I'm already here, I have to say that person is violent and dangerous."

"I received a blow for no reason. And that blow could have gone to anyone. My friends, wife or to other people. That’s why I decided to sue him because he’s one dangerous and violent person, ”Facchinetti said.

Conor traveled to Italy for a vacation, but also for baptizing his third child in the Vatican, which he did earlier the same day when the incident occurred.

Wife's post

Facchinetti's wife also revealed via Instagram that the attack came after Conor invited them to continue hanging out at another club, which Francesco accepted.

"Out of nowhere, suddenly Conor pulled the punch and hit Francesco. He called us to another party, Francesco said we were going, and he hit him." "Luckily, Francesco was pretty close to him so Conor couldn't get the full force of the punch.

Francesco fell to the table and then to the floor.I first wondered if it was some joke, some show of theirs, and then I became paralyzed." "I looked around and saw his friends holding him against the wall, as he intended to keep hitting Francesco.

They dragged him aside. I turned on the lights but the guards quickly turned them off again." "Francesco was bleeding, I wanted to help him but the guards separated us- Conor will stay in Italy until October 26. If you see him, hold on get away from him."

"Don't approach him or ask for his autographs because he is an unstable and dangerous person, "she said via Instastory. Conor McGregor is currently a big target for Italian photojournalists and almost every day we can come across new photos from his walks around Rome.

There are no recordings from the nightclub for now, which does not mean that they will not appear. As for his statements or any comments, they are not available yet.