Vettori does not want to accept defeat from Adesanya

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Vettori does not want to accept defeat from Adesanya

Marvin Vettori in June this year had the opportunity to prove what he claimed over three years. That Israel Adesanya did not deserve victory in their first clash, the one in April 2018. He made a huge streak of victories and won the opportunity to revenge, this time with a much bigger stake, the UFC title he would have won.

At the expense of the first fight, in which the Nigerian celebrated with a split decision of the referees, an uncertain showdown was expected, but it did not happen. Adesanya, in the style of a true champion, controlled the fight from the first to the last minute of the same and got a referee's decision that no one can object to.

There is no Vettori either, says the Italian as the champion deservedly celebrated. But it is interesting to see that Vettori also says that Adesanya was no better than him. "He was very smart and he did an extremely wise fight.

When I say that I want to determine that he was not better than me. He was not a better fighter overall." "He did not show better skills, he was not in better shape, he was not better than me in anything. He was smart. He knew he was a champion and that's how he set himself up."


"He didn't want to get involved with me in many things.

First of all in exchanges. What he was good at was controlling the audience. Besides, he seemed to be his own corner. He was able to see the situation as if he had a third eye," MMA Mania quoted Vettori as saying, adding: "I made a mistake because I was fighting in front of an audience for the first time in a long time, and he used it to his advantage.

Not only did I not use it but it played against me, at times like I was blinded. It could be good, but not when you're fighting for the title. " Vettori on October 22 is waiting for an opportunity to approach a new attack on the title.

In the fight against Paul Costa, the stake would be position next to the champion. These are the last two opponents of Adesanya, and what they have in common is that they both talked a lot before the fight for the title, and in the end, they provided very little in the Octagon.

Now they will have to leave the best possible impression in the fight with each other. Winning means a lot, but the impression is probably even more so. They are both still young and sure they will not stay on one attack for the title. The opportunity to move towards another opens up.