McGregor accused Khabib of marrying a cousin!

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McGregor accused Khabib of marrying a cousin!

Conor Mcgregor's feelings for Khabib Nurmagomedov, and especially for his manager Ali Abdelaziz, with whom the conflict began even before he arranged a fight with Khabib, are widely known. The quarrels with Abdelaziz were even funny to many, as they may be the fans of the most hated person on the entire martial arts scene, but the statements made to the former opponent were often quite disturbing.

It is also known that Conor used the now established "tweet and delete" technique. That would mean posting something on Twitter, waiting for some media to grab and share it, and then delete it as well, with the goal of transferring the action from your “feed” to the media pages.

He did so this time as well, and his target was Khabib, that is, his married life. In short, McGregor decided to accuse Khabib of kinship, a practice that involves marrying close relatives. And it all started with, as MMA Mania reports, that he was called out by a Twitter profile, which mentioned Khabib.

"He's a stinking 'relative.' His wife is a cousin," wrote Conor, who had previously had outbursts against Khabib's wife Patimat when he shared a photo from their wedding where he called Khabib's covered wife a towel. Conor also shared an article stating that Dagestan is the second region in the world by kinship marriage


Little is known about Patimat, except that she was born in the same village as Khabib and that they went to the same school and the same class, but only one year before the Nurmagomedov family moved to Makhachkala.

Abdelaziz, the owner of the Dominance MMA management agency, quickly jumped into Khabib's defense. "Let's start over. Insulting people, their nation, and religion are not fun at all. I dream of meeting you somewhere in public," Abdelaziz wrote.

It didn't take long for Conor to respond. "I hate you brother. When you die, I will celebrate," was the answer. He didn't really surprise anyone. Shortly afterward, the discussion calmed down and Conor stopped writing. As stated, he deleted his posts, but the evidence was photographed.

It is assumed that this was actually his goal. It is obvious that McGregor does not intend to stop his statements in an attempt to insult his opponents. Such tactics have not worked for him in previous times, but he does not intend to stop. We will see if Khabib will have an answer to this