Conor McGregor besieged by fans in Rome

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Conor McGregor besieged by fans in Rome

In Rome, worse for the famous Via del Corso, the center of shopping and major brands, the Irish fighter Conor McGregor, in the company of his wife Dee Devlin and his inseparable escort, was literally stormed by fans. McGregor is in the capital with his family because his son Ryan will be baptized Saturday in the Vatican by Pope Francis.

McGregor shared on his Instagram profile the video of him surrounded by fans, writing: "It’s great to see Italy, and especially Rome, on its feet strong and vibrant and energetic and Italian silk on the skin, is it butter, no it’s McGregor and the Italians."

The MMA star and highest paid athlete in the world with 180 million dollars a year according to a recent study by Forbes, was literally inundated with the affection of the fans who, once recognized the star, took pictures and asked autographs.

Roger Federer: "Anything I can do will only be a bonus"

Roger Federer's 2021 didn't go the way he himself and his fans would have liked.

Not only did the Swiss phenomenon fail to repeat the miracle of 2017, but it was immediately clear how far it was from 100% of the condition. The former world number 1 has played a pittance of 13 official matches this season, collecting the best results at Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

Favored by a not impossible draw, the 40-year-old from Basel reached the quarterfinals on Church Road, where he surrendered clearly to the Polish Hubert Hurkacz on Center Court. That still remains the Swiss Maestro's last appearance on a tennis court, given his decision to forgo the Tokyo Olympics and have his right knee operated for the third time.

His return will not take place before 2022, as long as the physicist grants him yet another return. During a long interview with the microphones of GQ Magazine, the Maestro explained that he did not want to put any pressure on himself at this stage of his life.

Federer said: "At this moment in my life, I realize I can't ask for anything better. I have a beautiful wife and four children, there is no reason not to be happy like this. My daughters are already 12 years old, I was 28 when we brought them into the world.

And then there are my boys, who have turned seven. I have a wonderful life and I can't really complain." The eight-time Wimbledon champion seems to have resigned himself to the idea of ​​no longer being able to win the Grand Slams: "As for my career on the tour, what I will be able to do is just a bonus and an extra.

Now I can spend more time with my family and friends, as well as doing many things that I had been forced to put aside in previous years." The Swiss is destined to come out of the Top 10 for the first time since 2017, a detail that will not affect his newfound smile.

"It is clear that at my age I have a different perspective than all other players," admitted the eight-time Wimbledon champion. "On the one hand I am thrilled to be 40, on the other I often joke about it. I can't believe I hit 40, he's just crazy!

Overall, I am happy with the moment I am living in. I remember when I turned 20, I thought I knew who I really was. The reality is that I had absolutely no idea. At 30 you have a slightly clearer perception, while at 40 you are perfectly aware of your essence," continued Federer.

Roger, who has not set foot on the court since Wimbledon, is preparing to exit the Top 10 for the first time since 2017. None of the Big 3 is present at Indian Wells, yet another symptom of the generational change taking place. The 2022 season promises to be nothing short of exciting.