Francis Ngannou: ‘UFC is trying to discredit me’

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Francis Ngannou: ‘UFC is trying to discredit me’

On January 22 next year, at the UFC 270 event, Francis Ngannou is scheduled to defend for the first time the UFC heavyweight title, which he won in late March by defeating Stipe Miocic. It was certainly a couple of months later than his plan was, but it all went awry when he was unable to meet UFC requirements so a fight for the interim title was organized.

Itwas won by Francis ’former teammate Ciryl Gane, a fighter who should therefore now be his next opponent. Certainly, one turbulent year is behind a man who has finally succeeded in his plan to come to the throne, especially since he feels the UFC has not treated him in the best way.

It is a bit strange if we know that this is a fighter who, before the first fight against Miočić, organized at the beginning of 2018, was promoted in such a way that the then champion was absolutely minorized.

Ngannou about his situation

Now that at least some things have settled down, Ngannou told his story during a guest appearance at Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour.

"I think the UFC tried to put pressure on me, and it wasn't right. It was all so weird that it didn't bother me at all. I wondered what was going on and then I accepted." "What bothers me today is that fight promoters tried to discredit me, they pretended to let me be on vacation and come back when I was ready, I told them I wasn't on vacation and I wanted to fight, and they took a video from Embedded to play that game.

, to discredit me and show that I am on vacation." "That was not right of them because it is not true. They used me to control the situation. I have no problem fighting for the temporary belt, but do it without sabotaging me, "he said turning to his emotions and what he would like to feel in the near future: "I don't feel like they want to promote me.

Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how it all looks to me right now. You can't promote someone and discredit them at the same time." "It's not done. You know what I want? To start with some respect. After that, some things have to be settled, I have to feel some respect for me, at least to look like they care."

"That's it. I've never asked for anything much more than that. It would have been enough for me. I've won the position I'm in, I'm not nominated for the same "I deserve what I have."