Jim Miller has no intention of retiring

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Jim Miller has no intention of retiring

There are few fighters who have never come to the fight for the UFC title, and we can rightly call them legends or icons of the world's largest MMA promotion. One who still belongs to such a group is Jim Miller, a fighter who will enter the Octagon for a record 38th time this weekend.

It’s hard to list all the big names he’s encountered in his career, but we’ll try some that he beat during the same. Duane Ludwig, Gleison Tibau, Melvin Guillard, Clay Guida, Danny Castillo, and above all Charles Oliveira and twice Joe Lauzon are at the top of that list.

It is certainly worth noting that Miller is a member of the lightweight category all the time, that he has never been tied to doping, that he has never exceeded the category limit on weighing, and that his career has absolutely no scandals.

Even since 2016, he continues to fight despite Lyme borreliosis, an incurable disease that only drugs and therapies manage to keep under control.

Miller on his career

But he continues his career, and so it will be after this weekend, despite his opponent, debutant Erick Gonzalez saying he believes their fight will also be Miller's last.

"He has the wrong information. Certainly, my retirement will come. It is a decision a mature person has to make and I am completely calm about it. I am 38 years old, which makes me quite old for this category." "It is definitely responsible to prepare for it and not be surprised when the time comes to stop.

It's been okay to talk about it for a couple of years now. I was already close to retirement in 2016 when I got sick and didn't know how to deal with it." "But I can still stop whenever I want to. The hardest part I've done.

What I'm sure of is that it's not going to happen this weekend. I guarantee you that, "said Miller, who revealed one wish shortly before. As he is a fighter who has competed in the UFC 100 and UFC 200 shows, his goal is to find himself in the UFC 300 program.

Looking at the current sequence of events, it could come in the spring of 2024. It’s hard to estimate at the moment how much it’s possible that Miller will stay in the UFC until then, but we certainly shouldn’t even write him off.

Fight after fight. Who knows, he might be able to achieve enough wins to stay on the roster. This Saturday, after two defeats in a row, would certainly come in very handy.