Luis Pena was fired by the UFC after a new incident

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Luis Pena was fired by the UFC after a new incident

One of the more interesting participants of the last seasons of Ultimate Fighter was certainly Luis Pena. A member of Daniel Cormier's team, in the season when the second coach was Stipe Miočić, already presented a large amount of talent in the show itself, but due to injury, he was forced to withdraw from the tournament.

The UFC brought him into its ranks without much thought. In the three years, he has been a member of the promotion, Pena has recorded five wins and three defeats, not fully justifying his potential, and he will no longer have the opportunity to do so.

The reason lies in the fact that Pena, no matter how good a fighter he is, in a private sense is obviously not even remotely a good man. In June, he ended up on the front pages of the media after being accused of robbery, and only a few days later, information appeared that he had been arrested for violent behavior towards an unnamed woman.

He spent several days in custody, after which he was released waiting for trial. In this way, he revealed through a post on Twitter that he has been going through mental problems all his life and that he has finally decided to seek help.

The UFC did not react that way. That’s why the UFC reacted after a new incident, which happened to Penny last weekend. He was detained in Florida after punching his girlfriend several times, after which he continued to hit her on the floor, and he attacked and hit another woman who witnessed the event.


Shortly afterward, he was taken into custody and awaiting trial on October 17. There, he will appear as a former UFC fighter, as the promotion has decided to fire him. But that’s probably his smallest problem right now.

Pena was also remembered by many for his specific appearance, which earned him the nickname Violent Bob Ross, due to his similarities to the former TV star, artist Bob Ross. Unfortunately, this first part, which indicates that he is violent, seems to be very accurate, the problem is that it is the same outside the hall or the arena.

We will see how the situation regarding Pena unfolds. He is obviously facing imprisonment, but he may be able to get out of this situation. In addition to being detained, another shock is the dismissal he received from the UFC and the question is what plans Pena has after all. Obviously there aren't any.