Poirier believes Daniel Cormier is the ideal successor to Dana White

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Poirier believes Daniel Cormier is the ideal successor to Dana White

Although Dana White is not an MMA fighter, nor has he ever been, the UFC president is one of the first associations to the world’s strongest MMA promotion. Back in 2001, the Fertitta brothers appointed White president of the UFC.

Despite numerous criticisms, especially when it comes to the salaries of fighters, it can be said that Dana did a very good job in collaboration with Fertitta because the UFC is now the protective "face" of this sport.

The 52-year-old White is still doing his job and there are currently no indications of retiring from that position. However, it is a matter of great responsibility and a position that causes great stress. There will come a time when Dana White will decide that is enough, and then the UFC will have the difficult task of finding an adequate replacement.

UFC lightweight fighter Dustin Poirier spoke to Patrick Bet-David about Dana White and his credit for the growth of the entire company. '' I think Dana certainly has little credit for his marketing skills and thinking.

But a martial art is sold because of it also. It's hard to have a boring fight when we consider all the variables and ways to win and lose, '' Diamond began, then touched on the role of UFC president and potential successor Dana White.


Bet David obviously believes in Cormier and thinks that he is the right person for such a position, and apparently, David sees something in him since he considers him the best successor of Dana White '' It's a difficult place to fill.

I'm not sure, maybe Daniel Cormier (would be the best candidate)? Possibly it should be someone who has been in martial arts. I don't know how much he knows about the business side, but I think he would be a great face for the company, '' Poirier said.

Daniel Cormier as a former UFC champion in two categories certainly possesses certain references to manage MMA promotion. However, as Dustin pointed out, there is also that business side. All in all, White gave no indication of withdrawal, but UFC leaders will one day have a difficult and interesting task.

Perhaps they consider Poirier's suggestion. Hand on heart, we have to admit that the UFC has gained immense popularity thanks to Dana White and has had great credit for the expansion of the UFC, which has become one of the strongest martial arts organizations in the world.

We are aware of how much money is at stake in the UFC and it is obvious that the role of the UFC will be bigger and bigger