Sean O’Malley confident: ‘I would put Peter Yan to sleep in the first round’


Sean O’Malley confident: ‘I would put Peter Yan to sleep in the first round’
Sean O’Malley confident: ‘I would put Peter Yan to sleep in the first round’

Everyone knows that Sean O'Malley never lacks self-confidence. The UFC's bantamweight fighter is not even ranked at the moment, but very often he talks about fighters from the very top of the category. One of the most common names Sean O’Malley touches on in his public appearances is that of Peter Yan.

The great Russian is currently the top-ranked challenger in the UFC’s bantamweight category and is also a former champion. On October 30, Yan will fight Sandhagen for the interim champion belt of this category. Sean O'Malley, before choosing Cory Sandhagen as a replacement for the injured Alyamain Sterling, hoped that he could get a chance against Yan.

It was hard to expect UFC matchmakers to provide such an opportunity to the unranked Sugar. ‘The fight between Yan and me is going to happen. Can you imagine an unranked fighter becoming a champion? I will jump from any number (in the ranking) to the title of a champion because I would put the Russian to sleep in the first round." "I don't think he'll give me that fight.

The biggest fight would be between me and Peter, '' O'Malley said at the time in the TimboSugarShow podcast. Peter Yan So Sean is pretty confident to knock out Peter Yan in the first round. This is a fairly optimistic prognosis given that Yan has two defeats in 17 professional matches.

One of these defeats (against Magomed Magomedov) came by a split refereeing decision, and the other (against Alyamain Sterling) by disqualification. However, Sean O'Malley understands the importance of promoting "trash talk" and is trying to make a big match.

However, if Sean plans to fight the best, he will have to beat several ranked opponents as well. He will have the opportunity to do so on December 11 when a match against 15-ranked Rauliano Paiva awaits him. This will be his first step and the best opportunity to achieve what he set out to do.

He is aware of what kind of fighters are waiting for him and how especially dangerous the fighters who are in the top 10 are, but O'Malley has great self-confidence and does not seem to look down on anyone. Yan is an attractive and tough opponent, who is one of the best fighters in the category, but O'Malley has no problem fighting him and as has already been said he believes he would knock out the Russian.

O'Malley will surely have many opportunities to reach his biggest fight of his career, and until then he has hard training and self-confidence left.

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