Rob Font revealed why he refused to fight Peter Yan

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Rob Font revealed why he refused to fight Peter Yan

The UFC bantamweight category was supposed to give us a rematch between current champion Aljaamin Sterling and former champion Peter Yan on October 30th. Unfortunately, Sterling had to cancel his performance due to a neck injury and a recovery that is not going very well.

Cory Sandhagen was given the opportunity to jump in as a replacement, and the match between him and Peter Yan will also be a match for the interim bantamweight champion. However, fourth-ranked challenger Rob Font revealed that Cory Sandhagen was not the only one to receive such an offer.

Namely, the 34-year-old Font also had a chance to fight Peter Yan, but unfortunately, he had to turn down the offer this time. Font reportedly received the offer before Sandhagen and revealed why he did not accept it. '' Clearly, I got a call, but I just got out of the whole situation with COVID.

I didn’t train and therefore I couldn’t jump into that fight. I was furious, but things happen for a reason." "As I understood it, Sandhagen and I were in the game for that place. That’s pretty cool because in a way they said, ‘Hey, we want to see if you want that fight, but we’re also offering it to Sandhagen."

Temporary title

Font thought about his decision and that he should not fight, the decision was not easy, but given the circumstances, he could not do anything else. Font is glad for the opportunity he had, although he wondered if it was a real or temporary title "It’s unfortunate that I had to turn down an offer, but I like that I got it at all.

It bothered me a bit that I didn't know if it was a fight for a real title or a temporary one, but when I found out that it was a temporary title, it was easier for me, '' Font said in an interview with James Lynch for the Middle Easy portal.

So, the 34-year-old was not ready to accept the fight on a kind of "short notice" because he was out of training for some time due to a coronavirus infection. Font can even be trusted to get the offer before Sandhagen as Rob is currently on four wins in a row, while Sandhagen has lost his last match.

Still, Font missed the opportunity this time, and Sandhagen reluctantly accepted it. We will see what awaits Font in the future and whether he will continue with the good series he has