Marina Rodriguez stopped Mackenzie Dern in a fun fight

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Marina Rodriguez stopped Mackenzie Dern in a fun fight

Another event was held, directed by the strongest MMA promotion in the world. The UFC Fight Night 194 event on paper wasn’t too promising, but we watched an evening of pretty good fights. Marina Rodriguez in the main fight of the evening defeated Mackenzie Dern by a unanimous decision of the referees(49-46, 49-46, 49-46) after five rounds of fighting.

34-year-old Rodriguez and 28-year-old Dern occupied sixth and fourth place in the ranking of straw category challengers before this fight. Both fighters are aiming for the very top and for the opportunity to attack the belt.

After today's match, Rodriguez will continue to do so, while Mackenzie Dern is waiting for more work. This match actually offered a showdown of styles. Mackenzie Dern is one of the best BJJ fighters in history while Marina Rodriguez prefers standing fight.

In the end, Marina Rodriguez’s standing prevailed, as did her defensive grappling by which she defended seven of a total of eight takedown attempts. While the first round didn’t provide much excitement and action, the second round was actually the biggest temptation for Rodriguez.

Namely, a good part of that round the fighters spent on the ground floor, where Dern is actually at home. However, Marina successfully defended all the attacks of her opponent. Rodriguez even had one attempt for choking, but even though she was far from the finish line, she at least stopped Dern’s rush for a while.


As the fight progressed, Marina Rodriguez took more and more control of this match and hit her opponent with strong blows. Knees in Dern's body and various boxing combinations pushed Rodriguez to victory. Before the fifth round, Mackenzie received instructions from her corner that she must press and take the fight to the ground floor.

Dern did her best, but Rodriguez remained calm and successfully brought the fight to an end. The women of the straw category provided a good and fun fight, and Marina Rodriguez deservedly won. The win against Dern is the third celebration in a row for this 34-year-old who is now very close to the opportunity to attack the title currently held by Rose Namajunas.

Of course, "Thug" Rose is primarily waiting for a rematch against Weili Zhang, and we will watch that match on November 6 as part of the UFC 268 event. In the title fight of the evening, Randy Brown defeated Jared Gooden in a welterweight duel by a unanimous decision.

Brown was quite motivated after his opponent fell on the scales for as many as three "pounds" Brown made good use of his advantage in height and length, and as the fight progressed, Brown became more relaxed and had a lot of fun in this fight during the third round. Randy ultimately hit 115 significant shots, while Gooden’s significant shots found the target 81 times.