Justin Gaethje calls out Michael Chandler

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Justin Gaethje calls out Michael Chandler

At the beginning of November, on November 6, a great UFC show is waiting for us. With the exception of two belt fights (Usman vs. Covington and Zhang vs. Namajunas), MMA fans are certainly excited about the fireworks that the fight between Michael Chandler and Justin Gaethje should offer.

Both fighters are known for exciting fights, and there is a certain "evil blood" between them. So a month ago, Michael Chandler tried to provoke Justin Gaethje via his Twitter profile, saying that "Highlight" would be the first fighter to take a step back.

Justin Gaethje and "The Schmo" did an interview and Justin was given the opportunity to comment on that statement by Chandler. It is clear that Gaethje does not agree, and he also made some assumptions about the upcoming fight.

'' The guy (Chandler) comes to fight and likes to do it as much as I do. This is a stylish match for fans. Someone will end up knocked out unless he turns into a bit*h and tries to make a wrestling match out of this."


Gaethje has also revealed what tactics his opponent will fight, but it seems that Gaethje is ready for any tactics from the opponent "He’ll be that timid soul when he starts throwing himself at my feet because he doesn’t like the power I’m hitting.

I think it will be like that, '' Gaethje explained. The 32-year-old "Highlight" is currently the second-ranked fighter on the challenger rankings in the lightweight category. Gaethje believes the win over Chandler certainly makes him the next challenger after Dustin Poirier and Charles Oliveira do their fight.

'' I will come to victory on November 6 and I will fight against the champions between Poirier and Oliveira. It's definitely a plan. I have the opportunity to get what I want and therefore I have to use it, "Gaethje added.

Chandler and Gaethje seem to be planning to give us an open exchange and a fight during which we must not even blink. With their statements, both fighters are trying to get the other one to just such a match, and we are looking forward to this exciting showdown in the lightweight category.

Obviously, Gaethje is eagerly awaiting the title fight that could await him, he is aware that this is an opportunity he must use, but both opponents (current) and the one who could wait for him are certainly not an easy obstacle