Weili Zhang furious because of Namajunas' political comments

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Weili Zhang furious because of Namajunas' political comments

The UFC 268 event brings two title fights. Apart from Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington who will be fighting for the welterweight belt, we will also have the opportunity to watch the match for the UFC straw category champion.

Chinese Weili Zhang in the rematch against Rose Namajunas will try to return the title to her possession. Two great women in the straw category had their first match at the end of April this year. Rose Namajunas celebrated expressively after 78 seconds of fighting by hitting Zhang with a great left high kick.

Somewhat surprisingly, Weili was given a chance for a rematch despite a convincing defeat. During the visit to MMA Hour, the Chinese woman referred to certain situations from the first match, more precisely, to the audience that was completely on the side of Namajunas.

Zhang had to go through a series of boo-es by fans in Jacksonville where the UFC 261 event took place. '' Yeah, the audience's booing affected me a bit. I think Rose is responsible for that with her comments. However, that’s my problem because I should focus on the fight, not the audience."

"I can’t influence who the audience will favor. I am becoming more focused on the fight '' explained the fighter from China. A lot of dust was raised by Rose Namajunas ’comments ahead of the first fight.

Namely, "Thug Rose" interfered in politics in her speech and stated: '' It's no coincidence that Weili is red, that's what she represents. I say, better dead than red! I have nothing against her, but that is my great motivation."

"To know that I am fighting for freedom, that I am aware of the existence of Christ, that I have Lithuanian blood and the American dream. That's what I'm bringing into this fight. "


Weili Zhang has now touched on these comments as well and admitted that she doesn't like them.

The Chinese woman believes that it was actually a tactic by which Namajunas turned the audience against her. "In my opinion, I think she crossed the line with those comments. I think we’re here in the UFC because of our passion for MMA as a sport."

"I’m here to make friends because we all have a common love of martial arts. It’s not a good thing to mix politics and sports, but that might be her plan." "At first I thought it was just plain ‘trash talk’.

It didn't hit me. However, when I went out in front of the audience, and they were against me, then I realized that Rose wanted to turn the audience against me with those comments, '' said Weili Zhang. Weili and Namajunas will play a rematch in New York, more precisely in Madison Square Garden.

The Chinese woman hopes that there will be a certain number of Chinese audiences who will be on her side. '' I was once in New York, but never in Madison Square Garden. I am looking forward to the fight, and I expect Chinese fans to support me.

However, I worked on my mentality. If the audience boo at me and makes unpleasant shouts, I will still think they love me, '' Zhang added.