Kamaru Usman praised Colby Covington this time


Kamaru Usman praised Colby Covington this time
Kamaru Usman praised Colby Covington this time

A great match was provided to us by Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington at the end of 2019. Two fantastic welters fought for the UFC welterweight title, and Nigerian Usman celebrated with a break 50 seconds before the end of the fight.

A little less than two years later, this duo will have a chance to do a rematch. Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman afforded a lot of "trash talk" in the run-up to the first fight and there is a high dose of animosity between them.

Something similar can be expected at the press conferences that will precede the UFC 268 event they will lead on November 6th. However, despite the animosity between the two fighters, Usman has a high opinion of Colby’s skills.

'' He's definitely among the best. I am not a hater and I will give recognition where it is deserved. I think Colby is among the top 15 welters ever, at least when it comes to his skills and the way he fights." "You don’t have to like him because I don’t like him either, but when we talk about skills he’s a really good fighter.

A very, very good fighter. '', Usman began in a conversation with Helen Yee.


Although both fighters are primarily grapplers and often base their tactics on just that, their fight first offered a 24-minute relentless stand-up fight.

Neither fighter tried to get to the floor, and the Nigerian explained why they both decided to fight that way. '' I think it was clear to both of us that this was a 'Mano a Mano' (direct conflict between two people) situation.

We had to do a fight where we just threw punches until we found out who was better." "I told him I would punish him four and a half rounds and then I would finish him. That's exactly what I did. I think he will try to use tactics in our next fight, but he will quickly realize that it doesn't work and that he is simply stuck in a cage where he will be beaten.

" As for the rematch, of course, Usman plans to win again. However, Kamaru points out that it is not particularly important to him whether the victory will come with a new stoppage or in some other way. '' I don't care if I will finish him.

My way of fighting is domination from beginning to end. I want to totally declassify him. When he comes home and goes to bed he has to think, 'Damn, this guy is really better than me There was nothing I could do to beat him. ' "That is what I want to do to him, not only to him but to all the other fighters who are fighting against me.

So whether I finish him or not, I want him to feel that way. Of course, it would be great to finish him and that is something that people expect from me now, '' Kamaru added.

Kamaru Usman Colby Covington

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