Kamaru Usman praised Nick Diaz


Kamaru Usman praised Nick Diaz
Kamaru Usman praised Nick Diaz

It could be said that the opinions of fans and critics were somewhat different after the UFC 266 event and the return of Nick Diaz to the Octagon. Namely, Nick returned to fighting after more than six years of absence and lost by a stoppage to Robbie Lawler in the third round of the fight.

One part of the opinion says Diaz looked really bad and slow, while the other side thinks he was actually positively surprised considering how long we didn’t watch him in the cage. After all, Nick Diaz hit 150 significant punches in just over ten minutes of fighting, but Robbie Lawler is still too much for him at the moment.

Usman on Diaz

One of those who experienced the performance of Nick Diaz positively is the current UFC welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman. The Nigerian claims that Nick looked good and gave him one piece of advice. '' He has to choose fights that make sense to him.

It was a fun fight. He has been absent from the arena for six years and is not easy to return." "People expected a lot, he did a great job, but obviously, Robbie Lawler was too much for him. Robbie is a solid guy and has been a lot more active in previous years, '' Kamaru said in an interview with Helen Yee '' I really like what I saw from Nick Diaz.

If he really wants to come back, he will have to be smarter with his choice of fights. He is in a position where he can choose opponents. I think the fight between him and Matt Brown makes sense, it would be a great fight and I would love to watch it, '' Usman added.

By the way, Nick Diaz touched on Kamaru Usman in the match against Robbie Lawler, in an interview for ESPN. Diaz argued in his style that he should fight the current champion. "I think I would beat Usman. I have a better chance against him than against Lawler.

I don’t know why I’m fighting Lawler again, it doesn’t make sense. I should fight Usman, '' Nick Diaz said at the time. Kamaru Usman is certainly right when he says that Diaz can choose fights and that there are potentially interesting matches in welterweight and middleweight.

The question is how persistent Diaz is in his return and what the UFC leaders have in store for him. The reality is that Nick can’t think about Usman and the title fight at the moment.

Kamaru Usman

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