Dillashaw claims that Aljamain Sterling will never fight again

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Dillashaw claims that Aljamain Sterling will never fight again

In late July, we witnessed the return of T.J. Dillashaw in the UFC’s Octagon. The former bantamweight champion defeated Cory Sandhagen by a split referee's decision after five rounds of a great fight. The 35-year-old fighter is waiting for a break because he suffered a knee injury.

The situation in the bantamweight category has become quite complicated after Alyamain Sterling won the belt in a controversial way. Aljo came to the title in March this year after disqualifying Peter Yan for an illegal knee blow.

Their rematch was supposed to take place on October 30 this year, but Sterling is going through major problems with a neck injury and recovery from surgery. Because of all this, Aljamain canceled his performance and Cory Sandhagen jumped in as a replacement and he and Yan will do the fight for the interim champion.

T.J. Dillashaw finds it highly questionable whether current champion Aljamain Sterling will ever return to the cage. "Honestly, I'm not sure if Aljo will ever return. I would wait in his place with that surgery he had.

I don’t believe he will ever come back." "I think he holds the belt as long as possible. I’ve had that feeling before and it didn’t surprise me when he canceled the fight against Yan." "I believe he has a damaged nerve.

I may be totally wrong, but I repeat, I'm not sure if he will come back, '' Dillashaw said as a guest at the MMA Hour. Thus, T.J. Dillashaw believes that Sterling should not have undergone surgery, but should have dealt with the pain for some time.

The former champion believes that Aljaamain Sterling has thus unnecessarily put himself aside and misses the benefits that the title of champion in the UFC brings. '' You're on top of the world, you're a champion.

Yes, you won the title that way, but now they’re starting to pay you as a champion. You will get big fights." "Take advantage of this while you can. You didn't need that surgery. I understand he had a problem with that, he had many injuries."

"However, I also had both shoulders destroyed when I was the champion, but I didn't want to be out of the arena for a year and miss the big payouts. '', Added T.J.

Doping test

As for Dillashaw and his ambitions, he is focused on returning the belt to his ownership.

Recall, T.J. in April 2019, spoke out about falling doping test. The then-champion of the bantamweight category admitted to using illicit substances and left the title, which would certainly have been taken away from him. Still, Dillashaw didn’t lose the belt so someone defeated him and therefore believes none of the other fighters from the top of the category defeated the true champion.

'' I didn't lose my belt because someone beat me. I was left without him because of the decision I made. So Cory Sandhagen can’t say he will feel like a champion when he beats Yan because Yan has never been a real champion." "He did not defeat the bantamweight champion and therefore did not actually become the champion. "