Nurmagomedov believes that women should not fight in the ring

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Nurmagomedov believes that women should not fight in the ring

A lot of controversies were caused by Khabib Nurmagomedov a little over a month ago at a press conference in Moscow. The retired Dagestani fighter expressed his opinion about the ring girls and raised a lot of dust. Khabib then said that he considers the girls in the rings to be the most useless people in sports and that he does not see their purpose.

A lot of dissidents have appeared in the meantime. UFC flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko defended the girls in the ring, and Arianny Celeste, Brittney Palmer (UFC’s Octagon girls), and Fedor Emelianenko also had to say something.

The legendary Russian fighter said there are smarter things to think about than that, but added that these girls could dress more decently. Khabib Nurmagomedov was a guest in Harrogate, Britain, and the YouTube channel "Islam Channel" transmitted the video.

The former UFC lightweight champion re-encountered questions on the subject of ring girls but stuck to his original stance. '' A few months ago, they asked me about it (ring girls). I have my own promotion called the Eagle Fighting Championship and someone asked me why there are no ring girls there."

"I replied that I saw no reason for them to be. That's my opinion. Some people disagree with my opinion, but who cares? It’s not me because I have my own opinion. It's about my promotion and the decision is up to me, not Dani or other people.

'', Khabib began and further commented on Dana White who has no plans to give up the Octagon girl in his promotion. '' Let Dana do what he wants, and I'll do what I want. Sometimes I don’t understand some of his moves too, but I never condemn him.

It’s his decision because his name is Dana White. My name is Khabib. "

Khabib's views

Nurmagomedov has always been known as a fighter who does not hide his views, no matter how much they are contrary to what the vast majority think.

Thus, Dagestani once again proudly points out that he will always stick to his opinion, but he is aware that sometimes he also expresses a bit strange opinions and attitudes. '' I never follow or care what others think of me.

If I have an opinion on something, I simply say it. I always try to be who I am. I know I say a lot of strange, but also good things." "However, I never think about what people will think of my statements. I just don’t care and that’s my attitude.

I was born with it and that’s how I grew up. I know I am right in the depths of my soul. Everyone has their own view of things, "Nurmagomedov added.