Prochazka responded to a challenge directed to him by Thiago Santos

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Prochazka responded to a challenge directed to him by Thiago Santos

Several topics were covered by journalists with Thiago Santos after the Brazilian registered a victory over his compatriot Johnny Walker last weekend. Since he broke a three-game losing streak, one of the topics was against which he would like to try next.

He stated that if he could make an open choice, it would certainly be Jiri Prochazka, as the Czech delighted him with his way of fighting. Prochazka, who after only two UFC appearances came into the position of a likely next challenger, followed what was happening, and after Thiago ended a Twitter discussion with Aleksandar Rakic, he decided to leave the answer by himself.

He did it also on the same social network. “@TMarretaMMA Thank you for the offer, but right now I’m preparing for Blachowicz or Teixeira, which you know them very well,” Prochazka wrote, referring to the fights Santos did against the aforementioned duo.

He lost to Teixeira last year, in a fight in which the Brazilian won the challenger position, while he defeated Blachowicz by knockout in February 2019. This is also the only defeat for the Pole in the last ten appearances.

By answering on this call-out, Prochazka certainly went further than when it came to the question of Aleksandar Rakić, to whom he did not answer any of the numerous calls in any way.

Call out

He only hinted once that he was not interested in fights with lower-ranked fighters, thus probably referring to Rakić's earlier statement, after Rakic called him out.

After Rakić's statement, Jiri knocked out Dominic Reyes by knockout, while Rakić was better than Santos, and journalists who agree with the UFC ranking were more impressed with the finish of the Czech fighter, so he overtook Rakić in the standings, therefore in the priority of the fight for the title.

From Rakić's last statements, we got the impression that he has come to terms with the situation in which Jiri will have the advantage, and he hopes to do a fight in the meantime, which will certainly confirm that he should be next in line.

He and Anthony Smith verbally even expressed an interest in fighting on Dec. 18 at this year’s last UFC Fight Night, adding that it should be the main fight in five rounds. But the UFC arranged the main fight of that show after that, which should mean that they are not interested in that fight.

Certainly an unenviable position for Aleksandar Rakić, who deserved the fight for the title with his results, but the way he came to them seemed to throw himself into trouble.