Chris Daukaus is impressed by Derrick Lewis

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Chris Daukaus is impressed by Derrick Lewis

Promising UFC heavyweight Chris Daukaus very quickly arranged his next performance. The 32-year-old Philadelphia police officer desperately wanted a match against Stipe Miocic to create a sort of clash between a police officer and a firefighter, but Chris will need at least one more victory before he gets a chance against a fighter like Miocic.

By the way, Daukaus currently played his last match on September 25, when Shamil Abdulrakhimov was finished with a technical knockout in the second round. Daukaus will have a chance to get closer to the top on December 18 against Derrick Lewis.

"Black Beast" as the third-ranked fighter of the challenger rankings in the heavyweight category will certainly be the most difficult exam in Chris's career so far. Daukaus is currently in seventh place in the challenger rankings.

Derrick Lewis is a fighter who has been at the top of the heavyweight division for several years, but is constantly challenged for his questionable motivation as well as skills that are often unjustifiably under the magnifying glass.

There are many who think that Lewis wins mostly because of his striking power, but Daukaus believes that he is a versatile fighter. '' He's definitely of an interesting character. Looking at him as an opponent and a fighter, I think he’s a versatile guy.

Everyone is doing ‘memes’ about how BJJ is not working on Derrick Lewis." "He just gets up and keeps punching. However, he knows what he is doing in the cage, fights well, and knows how to finish the opponent.

He is an extremely dangerous fighter, '' Daukaus explained as part of the show Unlocking the Cage, hosted by Jimmy Smith.

Striking power

Derrick Lewis ’striking power is truly his strongest weapon. As many as 20 of his 25 victories, Lewis achieved by knockout, and especially striking is the victory against Alexander Volkov in 2018.

Lewis lost convincingly throughout the fight, but 11 seconds before the end of the match he knocked out the Russian fighter and made a huge turnaround. Chris Daukaus is quite impressed with Derrick Lewis ’strength. "It doesn't matter if five seconds have passed since the beginning of the fight or if there are five seconds left until the end, he is dangerous at any moment."

"I think he’s kicking more powerful than Francis Ngannou, but that’s my personal opinion based on their way of fighting and Derrick putting other people to sleep regardless of the stage of the fight."

"You saw in the fight between Francis and Miočić, Ngannou hit Stipe in the later stages, but he didn't have that power like at the beginning of the fight. Derrick on the other hand has just that. Whatever the minute of the fight, he can put you to sleep with one punch. So, he is a very dangerous opponent, "Daukaus added.