Holland wants a rematch against Daukas

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Holland wants a rematch against Daukas

No one likes when an MMA fight is canceled, especially the fighters who took part in it. Somehow it creates a bitter feeling after everything they’ve gone through in preparation and it’s hard to get over it. Even when it is something that saves a fighter from defeat, for the most part, he is not happy with such an outcome.

No different in this regard is Kevin Holland, whose fight against Kyle Daukaus was annulled, despite the fact that Holland was initially defeated by choking. A review of the footage led to the conclusion that the earlier collision with the heads had severely shaken Holland’s heads and led the fight in the direction that led to his defeat.

And it was seen very easily as we watched the fight, and Kevin confirmed that the blow to the head had a very impact. "I think I was seriously shaken. I don't remember absolutely anything. I felt that I fall to the floor and suddenly I had him on my back.

Whatever happened in between I thought it was given by God." "I didn't think it could be 'no contest ' I didn't know we had a head-on collision, I thought he hit me, sent me to the floor, and then choked me.

I accepted defeat, "Holland told a news conference after the event.


A rematch would be a normal sequence of events and he has nothing against a new fight with Kyle, although he revealed that the two of them became friends and that even before the fight they hung out in the UFC canteen and hotel.

"I want to do the fight again. After the fight, I told him I could give him my number and we could do it again. I want it, I could do it right now. I want to fight again against anyone who overpowered me." "If Johnny Walker got hurt, I would jump right into the fight against Santos, even though he's up to 93.

I'm such a guy. If he wants anything else, it's because he feels that a head-on collision is the best thing that could have happened to him." "I respect Kyle, Chris, and the whole Daukaus family, but this is a game of fight and I don't think it's over between us, "Holland confirmed the intentions.

His goal was to confirm his grappling progress with this fight, which he showed before the head-on collision. But for something more, it will take a real fight and it would really be best for this duo to do it all over again.