Jorge Masvidal dissatisfied with the lack of fighs

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Jorge Masvidal dissatisfied with the lack of fighs

We haven’t seen Jorge Masvidal in the Octagon since April nor have we heard much about him at all in terms of his MMA career. In a way, this does not surprise us, since with two fights against Kamaru Usman he took by far the biggest money of his career, with which he started some of his private businesses.

Although he suffered defeats in the mentioned fights, he did not despair by a nasty knockout but decided to enjoy life in his own style. Yet, for someone who has been a fighter since an early age, such a long time without a real fight certainly leads to a desire for the same.

Jorge is no different, which he revealed these days. Quite frustrated because the date of his next fight is still missing. "I've been going crazy for a while, calling Hunter Campbell (the UFC's lawyer), but no one has given me a date or an opponent yet.

I want to fight this year, but I don't know what will happen." "Announce to your fans and followers, Masvidal is in question, looking for a fight. The UFC is not giving me any answer, "Masvidal said in an interview with MMA Uncensored, somewhat threatening: "We're going to go public with everything soon.

I told them what deadline I'm giving them before I break completely. I need a fight, Hunter!"

Leon Edwards fight

It seemed like Masvidal’s fight against Leon Edwards could finally follow, a fight that has been “on ice” since March 2019 and their close encounter after the event in London, where Edwards pulled a thick end.

Some media have been serious about it, but Edwards seems to have turned it down. He added several times that he has been waiting for Masvidal for two years, but that Jorge constantly refuses to fight. "He's one such fuc*ing pattering machine.

The contract is in his face, and he refused two or three times. We've already moved on. We won't mention any names." "It's clear what I want. The better-ranked guy who will bring as much money as possible, that's my next opponent.

Leon keeps saying how I turned him down." "No, you moron of the person, I've fought for the title twice. Why would I fight against you instead? Who are you? Now I have time to knock out this guy's teeth, but he's nowhere to be found.

It's up to us to move on since he's a coward," he said. Masvidal's current position in the welterweight rankings is sixth. Edwards, who is in a string of nine wins, is third.