Misha Cirkunov optimistic before the new match

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Misha Cirkunov optimistic before the new match

Misha Cirkunov (15-6, 6-4 UFC) fought for six years in the UFC light heavyweight division. He showed potential there and recorded some valuable victories, but in the last six fights he came to only two. This led to a 34-year-old Latvian with a Canadian address making some change.

He decided to change the category, ie to go down to the middle category, up to 84 kilograms. This weekend he will have his first appearance in his new division, and on the other side he will face the Pole Krzysztof Jotko, already quite an experienced fighter with a large assortment of martial arts.

It is a very good exam for a fighter who may have seemed big to you even as a light heavyweight. But he says that was not the case. "I don't normally walk too heavy, I'm actually naturally close to 93 kilograms, so I've always had the idea of ​​lowering the category.

People in light heavyweight lose over 105 kilograms, they are tall and long, so now I want to be that little" "In the middle category I will get bigger and stronger, it makes sense to me. Everyone lose weight, so I will too, "Cirkunov said in an interview for the official UFC website, adding: "I'll be a better fighter, a better athlete.

All my numbers are better now that I'm lighter. 'Pound-for-pound I've become more energetic, I'm in better shape." "Actually, this is all like a race car. For better performance, your car needs be lighter.

Then be faster in corners, accelerate faster, brake better. So I believe I'm better now too. I can move better in the Octagon, be more careful, more intense and faster. "


As he quickly started to be listed as one of the main potentials of the light heavyweight category when he arrived in the UFC, before a series of worse results came, Misha's ambitions should not change too much in the new category either.

"My goal at 84 pounds is the same as it was at 93. I want to get close to the ranked fighters as soon as possible, get in there, and then eventually fight for the belt and become a champion. It even seems to me that this category has an easier path than it's a light heavyweight case, "he revealed.

For all this, the most important thing will be a good start, and Jotko is the perfect opponent to examine where this Latvian is currently in terms of quality, form, but also potential.