Johnny Walker plans to fight by the age of 35

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Johnny Walker plans to fight by the age of 35

Although already after his arrival in the promotion, Johnny Walker became a kind of UFC hit fighter, only now has he welcomed his first main fight, his first fight in five rounds. And that was a year after he literally saved his UFC career by beating Ryan Spann.

The victory in the mentioned fight secured him a new beginning, and everything will start after he clashes with his compatriot Thiago Santos in the Octagon. Walker believes that he learned a lot from the two defeats that followed him after he opened his UFC career with three wins, and that he also used this year to work on the mistakes he made in fights.

He is convinced that this fight is coming at the right time for him. "I always say that every athlete has one window, and he is bounded by experience and youth. You can't have enough experience when you're too young, but you have strength, fitness and a willing moment."

"As you get older, you lose more and more, but you get the experience to. As for my window, I believe I am in my ‘prime’ now. I have enough experience and I am still young enough." "In fact, my best period has just begun.

I believe it depends on quality of life and genetics and that is why I think it's my time now. I'm 29 and I'm going to fight at a high level until I'm 35," Walker told MMA Fighting.


He announced that after 35 years he will not even fight anymore, convinced that by then his desire for training and daily fights will disappear.

But until then, he intends to enroll in historical UFC books with success that few have achieved so far. "When I finally put the belt on my shoulder, I'll want one on the other shoulder too. I'll defend it once or twice, and then I'll go to the heavyweight division and make history.

When I go, I'll burn until I see how far this rocket can fly ", is a very brave forecast. Thiago Santos will be the favorite in this fight, primarily at the expense of the results so far, but also the quality he has presented so far.

Walker, on the other hand, sees his advantage in age and the form that comes with it. "I can't say how old he is or that he can't fight like he fought. But I'm 29 and I've already had two surgeries. He's been through so many injuries and surgeries already, you know what I mean?" "Athlete's life is hard.

Every day you have to train hard and fight, my window is just more open than his. In fact, I can already see the belt in my possession, I can almost touch it. Soon my window will open completely and then I will take that belt ", he said