Jon Jones made a statement after the last incident

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Jon Jones made a statement after the last incident

It was quite unexpected that Jones would give a statement so fast after the event, or even a full day after the details of what actually happened, but he did it. This is not about an open address to the public or an honest message in which he will explain his side, but obviously the fighting star decided to look back at what happened.

He did this through an InstaStory post, that is, a message he added to the video he posted. The recording comes from training, where we see Jones lifting weights, with the song “You got a friend in me”. "Through what has been written, we can conclude that he blamed alcohol for his behavior, which is not actually fully defined.

"I've experienced too much trauma so far to consume alcohol. My brain just can't handle it anymore. I'll leave alcohol forever as part of my past," Jones wrote, adding already sort of standard phrases: "Now is the time to work harder than ever and turn this nightmare into the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.

What the devil intended for the bad, God intended for the good. I'm already back on my horse." However, Jones will have to explain in court next month what exactly happened and why his fiancée was found with a bloody face.


However, without her testimony, and she did not intend to do so the same morning, suspicions of domestic violence could be dismissed. Jones will almost certainly be punished for resisting arrest and damaging a police vehicle, but these are not offenses that could result in consequences for his UFC contract.

Just hours before the incident, Jones said during his speech at the UFC Hall of Fame that he felt great, that he was training better than ever and that his return, as a candidate for the heavyweight title attack, could be expected.

in the second quarter of next year. It is obvious that Jones will never change some things and that there will always be that dose of "arrogance" in him that leads him to things like this. Apparently Jones believes that alcohol is the main culprit, but what really is the problem that led to this outcome is still unknown.

Jones has to train hard and prepare for the next match. He doesn't need things like this before important matches, but we have no doubt that he will still be ready and focused for the fight.