Nick Diaz delighted Conor McGregor

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Nick Diaz delighted Conor McGregor

With a series of “tweets” he posted the day after the UFC 266 event ended, Conor McGregor referred to Nick Diaz’s comeback fight, in which he was defeated by Robbie Lawler by a third-round break. The Irishman was delighted with the relentless duel between the two veterans and did not hide it, but decided to share his opinion publicly with the world.

"Nick/Rob was a good fight. The spin kick at the start gave the ground on Nick but he was veteran composed and was peppering lovely shots in." "He just ate some big body shots and there was more coming Robbie was strong to the body it was veteran work all round.

I enjoyed thoroughly"- McGregor said He then turned to the end of the fight, and even there he praised Nick, despite being defeated. "The finishing sequence when the temple was clipped after the leg went, the evasion of the final shot, which was a blistering uppercut, was magic."

"Look at it. Down on one knee, observing where the shot was coming from, slip/parry, and re cente to open guard safe. Ala Daly fight." - he continued


Seeing that this was Conor McGregor, of course he could not avoid the poison arrow to his younger brother Diaz, his double ex-opponent, Nate.

Purely not to be all in a positive tone. "Nate your boxing is piss compare to nicks. We been fed garbage with your sloppy shots the last few years. Can see the clear difference between the two brothers after last night. Balance, composure.

Another level the big bro is on to you. I made you." We don't know what Conor's intention is, but we know that without it he rarely publishes. Did he really just want to praise Nick and add a part about Nate? Does he have Nick in mind as his potential opponent? Does he want to provoke Nate to a third fight? These are somehow the most realistic options.

Since we often can't figure out what McGregor really wants and what his goals are, we can stick to assumptions that we'll soon find out if they're true or if all these tweets didn't serve any purpose. It is obvious that McGregor wants to return to the ring as soon as possible and try to save his career, which is in a decline.

Generally speaking, McGregor is a man who is hyperactive, aggressive and who constantly wants to be on stage. We will follow his recovery and certainly look forward to the name of his next opponent